Underwater Attractions for Tourists in Vanuatu

Just 1000 miles from the east of Australia lies the Vanuatu Island in the Pacific region. It has a similar Melanesian heritage to other South Pacific countries. The country enjoys a slow and relaxed pace of life, where the locals enjoy simple yet a substantial lifestyle with farming and fishing as the main occupation.

Vanuatu’s 83 volcanic islands border the northern Coral Sea, where the waters are teeming with life. The exquisite and vibrant coral reefs are the home to abundant inshore marine species. The pelagic hunters can be found searching for the next hunt in the blue waters. Along the Vanuatu coastline, there is a notable wreck, primarily from the era of WWII troop carriers. The carrier sunk close to the shore.

From an hour-long flight north, lies Espiritu Island, which is the home to famous SS President Coolidge wreck along with other military sites. Some underwater caverns and tunnels link with the flourishing reef systems while surrounding the islands with sapphire waters. The coastline offers diving opportunities and underwater attractions for tourists and adventurers such as divers and snorkelers. This article looks at some of the underwater attractions found in Vanuatu, that leaves the tourist awe-struck and stun.

The Marine Reserve of the Small Island of Hideaway

Hideaway Island is located off the Coast of Efate Island, nearly 10 kilometers from Port Vila. Around this coral island lies a spellbinding sea wall and pass that is an ideal choice for tourists to swim and indulge in water sports. Among the notable tourist infrastructure is the hotel, restaurant and diving center that offers services for scuba diving and snorkeling.

The Marine Reserve offer real opportunities to those who want to learn the art of snorkeling. Moreover, it will instil the curiosity to learn the most about fauna and flora. It is an amazing introduction to the marine paradise, which will help you get conversant with the underwater landscape and build sheer confidence. Further, it takes you to self-discovery with fascinating coral landscapes and rich reef fauna.

Underwater Post Office 

One of the popular attractions of Vanuatu Island is the Underwater Postbox that delves into submarine life. This is located a few meters away from the Coast of Hideaway Island. This is unique as it is the only underwater post office in the world. Just imagine the captivating visuals in the imagination of posting your letter for your friends or relatives swimming alongside marine species in blue paradise. There are plastic-coated postcards available within the locality, and you just have to post the cards using this spectacular postbox located three meters deep. Interestingly, the mail is collected once a day and delivered the very next day.

Millennium Cave Tour 

The Millennium Cave offers an action-filled and adventure-filled experience. Not for the weak-hearted, this poses a sheer challenge for those who want thrill in their life. Exploring Vanuatu’s largest cave, scrambling over rocks and then cooling for a swim is an ideal choice for the visitors. From the point of Vunaspef, there is long walks into the bush along the narrow tracks, strolling across bamboo bridges and ladder to the point where you descend in the river. The guides paint the faces of the visitors with the traditional clay symbols to ensure safety deep down the river and cave. Once you exit the cave after looking at marine life with a gentle swim, the river opens to the stunning rest spot, surrounded by lush green forest.

Million Dollar Point

This place is named after the incident where the US military generals dumped goods worth a million dollars off the beach in Vanuatu to save this from going into the hands of the British and French. Today, the snorkelers and scuba divers catch the stunning sight of the fortune comprising of military tanks, guns and jeeps resting beneath the wave. This gives an insight into the political history and rivalry while captivating the sight of the travelers.

These sights pave the path for increasing tourism and a sustainable economy. It is an attractive path for those looking for investment based Vanuatu citizenship. The option is to invest in real estate or local development funds and attain Vanuatu citizenship by investment.