Why Visit Antigua

Antigua is a Caribbean island that is famous for its sandy beaches and coral reefs. Thus, it is a popular tourist destination for all nature lovers across the world. People love to swim in the ocean or walk along the beaches while admiring the beautiful scenery of this place. However, sailing in Antigua has a unique charm that attracts lots of tourists throughout the year. Hence, it is termed as a “tropical paradise” by many ardent travelers. There are several reasons for visiting Antigua for spending a memorable vacation with your family.

Antigua and Barbuda

Presence of 365 wonderful beaches – The island of Antigua contains 365 beaches, among which Half Moon Bay on the southern part is most popular for windsurfing. Tourists enjoy snorkeling along Hawksbill Beach and Long Bay, due to the existence of coral reefs close to these coasts. Dickenson Bay is popular for offering various exciting watersports and it also serves as a port for cruises. Pigeon Point Beach is a favorite place for spending quality family time, due to the availability of food and other facilities. Johnson’s Point and Runaway Bay are preferred by tourists who prefer a serene environment while walking on the white sands of these sea beaches.

The great sailing opportunity around the island – Though several watersports, like snorkeling, scuba diving, and windsurfing are popular among tourists, sailing in Antigua is the best way of relaxation. Lots of local people and tourists enjoy sailing along the coasts of the entire island. There is a scope of sailing for a distance of 55 miles around the entire land, as there are several natural anchorage points all along this route. Tourists can also raise the level of their sailing skills by joining local sailing schools of Antigua while spending their vacations here. They may also participate in the Annual Classic Yacht Regatta, in which all yachts of vintage styles are brought to Antigua for racing. Antigua Sailing Week is also held annually, just after the Regatta celebration. So, sailing in Antigua can be the most thrilling vacation activity for tourists, as well as local people.

antigua and barbuda

Delicious seafood items – This Caribbean island is a heaven for food-lovers, mainly those who prefer seafood. Plenty of lobsters, mackerels, wahoo fish, conches, and snappers are available here, caught from the sea by local fishermen. Spicy local cuisines are made by adding onions, garlic, peppers, and thyme to these seafood items. Fungee and pepperpot are considered as the national dish of Antigua, which is cornmeal with okra and a combination of pumpkin, eggplant, salted meat, and squash can be used as the filling of these dumplings; whereas pepperpot is a tasty meat stew. All the authentic Caribbean dishes are available at renowned restaurants of this island nation

Pleasant Caribbean climate – Antigua enjoys the typical tropical climate due to its geographical location, only having a dryer atmosphere with lower humidity than other tropical sites. The average atmospheric temperature is quite mild, for which tourists can enjoy the sunshine on the beaches or sailing around in yachts or catamarans.

Moreover, St. John’s Cathedral, English Harbor, Monk’s Hill, Fort Barrington, Fort James, and a few old sugar factories have a high historical value that draws the attention of tourists. They can choose to visit these sites while sailing in Antigua on their rented yachts or cruises.