Top 7 treks in Nepal

Nepal, a country whose name has an intricate history, lies in the heart of the Himalayas itself. Those who have heard about Nepal or live in it must certainly know that it probably one of the better-known places to spend your free time in.

If you have for a reason been given a vacation. Then specifically doing some trekking in Nepal and walking in the Himalayas should be your first priority. This country has a history of mountain ranges and the people who have taken a tour of it. Without further ado, let us talk about some of the camping treks in Nepal.

Nepalese village in the Himalaya mountains near Pokhara in Nepal

Dhaulagiri Circuit

First and foremost, while considered hard, Dhaulagiri Circuit can be considered a rewarding trek for those who are determined and want to experience the beauties of this trek. Dhaulagiri also allows one to pass through the Gurung villages which are considered to be spectacularly marvelous to behold, perfect trek for adventurers.

Kanchenjunga Circuit

Considered to be one of Nepal’s finest trek, the Kanchenjunga circuit is often visited by thousands of trekkers every year and for a good reason too. As it not as habited as other treks, the remote setting allows a trekker to experience the peace of nature as well as the blissful weather. Truly, the main feature of this trek is the fact that throughout your journey, you will experience only the natural heritage of the trek and the wildlife that thrives on it with the least possible human interference.

Upper Dolpo

Due to being the far west end of Nepal, Upper Dolpo could be considered the remotest trek of Nepal due to being slightly hard to reach. It can be extremely challenging for one to travel this part of Nepal as infrastructure for tourism is nearly non-existent, but the rewards can be equally beneficial.

From experiencing the Buddhist culture due to some of the monasteries that are considered to be the oldest in the world located in this area to experience a rarely found wildlife. This trek can be worth it for someone who is seeking a unique journey.


Lamjung Himal

The trek to Lamjung Himal can be considered to be rather rare. It is a rarely visited region that has barely even been documented as frequently as the others. But a trek to this mountain can be pleasantly rewarding for those seeking a rare.


The Saribung Expedition can be a rather fulfilling trip to a very remote region of Nepal, starting from the isolated village of Phu, the journey can be rather adventurous. And if you have mountaineering skills, then you could also climb the Saribung peak(6,328m). This snow-capped mountain will truly test your physical abilities!

Mera Peak

A mountain in the Mahalgur section in the location of Hinku Valley, Nepal. Mera Peak can be a decisively difficult trek due to the general demands of having good mountaineering skills and physical stamina. Climbing to the summit could certainly be a rewarding experience for anyone who accomplishes it.


Naar to Upper Mustang

Naar to Upper Mustang GHT can be a rather adventurous trek from the Naar village to the Kingdom of Upper Mustang which is located near the Tibetan border. Due to very few people actually visiting it for a trek, the region has remained relatively unspoiled with its Tibetan culture intact.

The valleys of Naar to Upper Mustang, while dry, have rather colorful rock formations with several caves high up the cliffs. It might be difficult to trek through this region, but rewarding if one is given permission to do the trekking.

These treks in the Himalayas will surely revitalize one’s spirit and bring them a sense of adventure with these 7 trekking spots.

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