Black Forest – The Perfect Holiday Destination

Black forest homes cuckoo clocks, quaint towns, ruined castles, and lovely lakes. It is a land full of cultural tradition but why is it named so? Black forest is not made up of Black trees than from where did it have its name and why?

The spruces are not black, but they are very dense and grow fast. Because of the density of the forest when you watch it from a distance it looks very dark! Before two thousand years, the Roman had visited the land. There were no meadows then and the forest was huge. As the forest seemed dark and impenetrable they named it Black forest.

Now, Black forest has become a happening holiday destination where you can enjoy every moment. Here are the top few things that you can do in the region.

Spend a day in Heidelberg

Heidelberg, also known as the city of Romanticism has its own charm. It homes Heidelberg Castle that was built in 13th Century is one of the prime tourist attraction. It also has the oldest university in Germany and the river Neckar adds to its beauty. You must explore the old bridge on foot and get a feel of the medieval ages.

Relax at the Friedrichsbad baths in Baden-Baden

Don’t miss Baden-Baden the Spa town. The Friedrichsbad Baths is a bathing complex there that was built in 1870s. They have different steps that will give you utmost relaxation after you complete the whole thing. The thermal water here is utilized in different ways to relax the tourist as well as the locals. So enjoy it!

Eat a Black forest cake in the Black Forest

You must have eaten Black forest cake but enjoying it while in Black forest is something else. So don’t miss it! The chocolate sponge cake that is dipped in cherry schnapps and filled with whipped cream and cherry compote is really heaven in your mouth. The cake has got its name from this region and is world famous now.

Stop for offbeat trails around

When you are Black forest just don’t enjoy the road trips. Stop at destinations and enjoy the offbeat trails. You will love the getaway from the hectic life and enjoy your hiking amongst the woods.

Visit the Triberg waterfall

It is one of the highest waterfalls in Germany. When in Black forest do not forget to visiting this falls in your to do list. The roaring fall is quite wild and will make your heart race. But the walk to the fall and its own beauty will keep you spellbound indeed.

While there you must not forget about the cuckoo clocks that is one of the famous product of this region.

Visit Titisee Lake

Another must visit place is the highest lake in Black forest, the Titisee lake. The area bounding the lake will make you enjoy every view. The small cute town is made only for the lake and you will love walking beside the lake and enjoy every moment. You can go for a boat ride on the Lake and enjoy the spectacular view better.