Traveling to Croatia

Before making any plans for your Croatia travel, let us know a few hidden facts about Croatia. This land-locked country lies in central Europe. This country has both the influences in its food and culture that are Mediterranean and Central European. To the west, Croatia is surrounded by the Adriatic Sea. It shares its international borders with Slovenia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Hungary, Serbia, and Montenegro.

How to Get There?

All major European countries are well-connected through direct flights to most of the Croatian cities and towns. The country’s capital Zagreb is connected with all European nations throughout the year. If you are traveling to other European nations, then you can even take a bus to travel to this country. But the easiest way to travel to this country is by taking a car. It doesn’t matter whether you are using personal care or hiring, this mode of transportation will help you enjoy the scenery and the country itself.

What is the best time to travel to Croatia?

Croatia has three different climatic conditions. The continental climate, the Mediterranean climate, and the mountain climate. The best time to travel to Croatia is between May and June, or you can choose to travel between September and October. So, plan your Croatia travel during these months as it is the perfect time for traveling because of its weather. You will find the weather alluring and sunny. Most of the international travelers prefer swimming and sunbathing during this period. The gathering of the crowd is also minimal at these times. The hotel prices are also affordable because of the lesser crowds. The period between June and September is also best to travel to Croatia.

July and August are hot and it the peak season for tourists in Croatia. So avoid traveling in these months. The locals take a vacation and the beach is full of tourists and international travelers during these months. Getting yourself a hotel also becomes difficult during these times, and prices are higher than normal rates. Croatia experiences frigid winters and the temperatures often go below the zero degrees mark. It is better to avoid traveling in these months as most of the stores, and historical places are often closed because of the extreme cold.


What to wear in Croatia?

Many tourists and travelers may get in confusion about the clothing they should include while they travel to Croatia. Since it has three different climates, so consider wearing something light during your Croatia travel. Your summer clothing in Croatia should include a light jacket, a few summer casual, and a pair of sandals to walk on the beach. You can even take a few comfortable clothes with you if you opt to travel in the summers. Do not forget about the travel money belt.


Holiday spots in Croatia

Croatia won’t disappoint you in terms of its beauty and scenic views. You can visit the major attractions like Split, Zagreb, Plitvice, Hvar, and Dubrovnik during your Croatia travel. Although, Croatia has a lot more to offer to you as it is loaded with spectacular views, amazing beaches, breath-taking lakes, and wonderful villages. Depending on the budget and the travel dates you have, visit a few natural parks in the country. However, the most famous natural parks are Krka and Plitvice national parks. These are must-see, as they have wonderful lakes and a waterfall.