Traveling During the Pandemic – Flight Cancellations

If you need to fly often during the Covid-19 pandemic situation, you need to understand that flight cancellation is something that you might have to deal with. The pandemic situation often worsens in many countries – which often results in delayed or even canceled flights. This can waste your time as well as dampen your spirit and make it very inconvenient for you. Here are some tips for you to follow in case of flight cancellation during the Covid-19 outbreak. In order to guarantee the safety of their passengers, a lot of companies are demanding travelers to have a negative PCR test before boarding. In case you need one, click here:

Know the flight status

The night before you are supposed to fly, it is a good idea to verify the status of the flight. Make sure whether or not the flight is scheduled exactly on time. Keep in mind, however, that once flights get canceled, these can be scheduled to some other time. These days, every airline company updates the new flight timings on official websites.

Hold your temper

If there is a cancellation of your flight, hold your own temper. Authorities in airports have no control over the worsening of the pandemic situation in any country. They do not wish to inconvenience passengers in any way but are forced to alter or cancel flight plans when they get the news of the government of some countries preventing the entry of fliers from countries experiencing aggravation of the Covid situation.

Refunding of airline tickets

If there is an extreme Covid situation, and there is news of a complete ban of travel for an indefinite period or until the receding of the pandemic situation in the country of the flier or the one he intends to fly to, your airline tickets can be refunded by the airline agency. Then, you can apply for tickets at some other time, when the travel ban gets lifted.

Contact the reservation department

If you find out about the flight cancellation, it is important to call up the airline’s reservation department. In case the flight has been delayed for a few hours, make a request so that the airport authorities arrange for various facilities for you, such as your accommodation. Try to know whether your tickets can be arranged on any other alternative flight. Keep in mind that in some types of situations, as in the case of acts of God (it can be tough to tell where an outbreak of the Covid 19 pandemic can be regarded as one), airline companies tend to refute responsibilities for passenger’s paid accommodations.

In case you have directly made reservations with a hostel, hotel, or any other form of accommodation, you will be responsible for cancellations. The majority of cancellation policies tend to differ by the rate that is offered, the season of the year, and the establishment. In many cases, you may cancel the bookings and still be able to have a refund in case you do it 2 days prior to your time of arrival. In case you do not make a cancellation within that time, you need to try your best and make arguments to obtain refunds. Unless you are given a refund, try to book anew for a future date.