Sailing vacation in Croatia

Croatia, with its amazing beaches, clear waters, and stunning coastline, attracts many visitors every year. Tourists love to go on sailing vacations here, and the magnificent place witnesses yacht and boat rental. People love to personally visit the comparatively unspoiled coastline and visit many of the thousands of islands here. Here is how to have an amazing sailing trip in Croatia when you go on a vacation here.

Go on a Split to Dubrovnik cruise

When you cruise from Split to Dubrovnik or try the reverse route, you can visit all the amazing islands of this place and also find out about the terrific cities of Dubrovnik and Split. This trip involves sailing over a short distance. Generally, just 1 – 2 hours of cruising is involved every day. There is a lot of time for you to enjoy every destination that you sail to. With a sailboat rental, this can be much easier for you.

Check out The Bay of Kotor

In case you have a couple of weeks to spend on your vacation, begin farther north in Zadar. Then cruise southwards to Kotor, which is situated in neighboring Montenegro. It is a very amazing cruise trip that you will love to have, with all the stunning scenery and beautiful sights and sounds.

Take a yacht charter

You would like to go sailing with a yacht charter to the Kvarner Gulf and the Istrian peninsula. Istria is loved for its Italian history and heritage. The capital of the place is Pula, which is a picturesque town having an attractive Roman amphitheater – which is the site for events and concerts all through the summer. The countryside that surrounds the place has many vineyards, and some amazing wines can be found here. You would also love the wonderful food that is served in this place. You can also visit Rovinj, a town by the seaside that is very amazing.

In most yachts that are offered on charter, one or more Croatian crew member is present. You can get advice on the locally available specialties. Tours are arranged for charter guests to vineyards and food producers close by. The dishes that you must try include Black Risotto cooked with local roast lamb, squid ink, etc.

Visit the beautiful marinas

When you opt for a yacht charter in Croatia, which means you will be anchored to the ports, you can either stay inside or make stops in Dubrovnik, Trogir, Korčula Town, and Hvar, and try spending your nights there. You can get berths comparatively easily, with Hvar being the hardest.

But you should not miss Hvar, as the place is known for its exciting nightlife. This is the hub of nightlife with popular Djs holding popular performances and some of the best clubs being here. You can find amazing clubs in Dubrovnik and Split. If you enjoy partying, Croatia is a place that will not bore you in any way. On Pag Island, Sonus – a popular music festival, is held every August. Often, skippered yacht charter guests visit this place and enjoy the festival.