More than 3 reasons why you should visit Budapest

How many European cities have you visited? Which ones do you prefer? Are you more an adventuristic type or do you prefer to be spoiled by car rides and delicious specialties? No matter which type you are, in this short article we are going to give you at least 3 strong reasons to visit Budapest and a couple more on the top of our head!

Budapest Parlament

1. Our forever number one is the people! We haven’t seen that much hospitality in one city ever! Hungarians are always smiling and you can see them in their national colors almost everywhere you look! They are so passionate and happy that that energy simply transfers onto you! If you ask for directions in Budapest, even if you run into a tourist they will take your hand and show you the right way because that is the kind of vibe the city carries!

Budapest View

2. Number two deserves to be historical heritage. For a city as old as this one, it would be a shame for us to tell you what you need to see! So many castles, museums, bridges, and historically important buildings are everywhere you look and we would hate to miss listing them all. This is why our warmest advice is to hire a proper tour guide who will take you on a once in a lifetime tour around Budapest. If you are lucky to find a great storyteller you are up for a treat! Your tour will be like a long movie, you will feel every emotion and remember every sound. Make sure to take some photos on the way and reminisce about our memories!


3. Food may be third on our list but it is always closed in our minds! Hungarians are famous for paprika and spices and juicy sausages. Balanced food is not their thing so when in Budapest, eat their specialties because they sure know what they are doing! When it comes to sweets, they bake all year long! In the winter there are special Christmas cookies and in the summer there are special ice creams but with some sort of dough prepared in thousands of different ways!


Usually, three reasons above are enough but if you are still not convinced, keep reading. Info-Budapest is not done yet! This vibrant city has a well-developed nightlife and something is happening all the time! Many concerts are being held in Hungarians capital city and a lot of young people come here all the time! There are even boat parties! Sports activities are probably also out there but we are not that athletic! If we skipped important information about Budapest please let us know and let’s make it our next meet-up place!