Croatia Tourism

Mediterranean region is one of the most beautiful in the whole wide world. This sentence is so simple but the explanation is a bit more complicated. We have chosen a small part of it, Croatia to be precise. Croatia and Adriatic sea is a place where God was all but humble! It is where the sea is the clearest and warmest and mountains are wildly exciting! Plants bloom happily and food tastes heavenly so you can see now why we decided to dedicate a couple of words to Croatian tourism.

There are thousands of things to do while vacating in Croatia. Among those activities what we loved the most was sailing! When it comes to boat rental Croatia there are many sailing clubs and places you can rent a boat and competition is great. This right here is why you can even find affordable fees for not a small-sized boat! And the fun begins at sea, as you might have learned. Gather the people you love the most and have fun the most and rent a boat, prepare some food and refreshments, and spread the sails! Some music would be great as well if you know what we mean!

Franciscan Monastery and City Bell Tower from Dubrovnik City Walls, Dubrovnik Old Town, Croatia. This is a photo of Stradun, the Franciscan Monastery and the City Bell Tower from Dubrovnik City Walls in Dubrovnik Old Town. Stradun, the main street in Dubrovnik Old Town draws thousands of tourists daily and is the starting point for tourists visiting Dubrovnik. There is no better way to take in the sites and buildings in Dubrovnik than from the Dubrovnik City Walls.

Let’s have some fun with food in Croatia! Hedonism is incorporated in Croatian genes and it shows in food! When grapes are sunkissed and grown with love than the wine that comes from those grapes tastes like love and happiness! Vegetables are juicy and the meat is so tender it melts in your mouth! But, there is something more exciting on the Croatian menu and it is fresh fish! Adriatic sea is home to the healthiest and tastiest fish out there so when you visit this part of the Mediterranean you must enjoy this fact to the fullest!

Historically Croatia is also one of the richest countries. For thousands of years, it was home to one of the most famous people who changed the course of history. We are telling you this because sightseeing is also exciting and if you don’t like just sitting at the beach, drinking your favorite cocktail and getting enough vitamin D then this is one of the activities you should try out!

Dubrovnik, Croatia – July, 2018: View of Dubrovnik city wall in Croatia

Oh and the beaches in Croatia! When we visited the first ten beaches we thought that there was something weird. They are all so well put together that it even looks that every stone has its place and it is so peaceful that you can hear your voice! Some are even rustic if you like those types of beaches but also safe and calm.

What else can we tell you about Croatia and its tourism? It all comes down to this-it is rich, beautiful, safe, and calm, and if you truly want to enjoy all life has to give you this is a place to visit. Maybe not only visit but it is a great start!