Bogota, Colombia – Plan Your Trip

What is the most exotic place you have ever been to? And how about the most exciting? Recently, despite all people around us, we decided to visit Colombia’s capital city-Bogota! Before reading this article, make sure you leave all you know behind and open your mind because a short trip is about to take place!

This vibrant, authentic city is being developed daily and tourists who have visited it call it a second home! It seems like they are overreacting and we were skeptical until it somehow crawled its way into our hearts! How? With beautiful melodies on the streets and eclectic colors around you!

If you are on a more adventurous side than Bogota is a place to visit! Outdoors and activities are what makes it special than other places. In Bogota, you can book a Sumapaz hike tour as well as create your own emerald Colombian ring, take it home and make it a conversation starter which evokes all memories. Walking or bicycle tour, you name it! Salt cathedral Zipaquira is one of the natural wonders and you might take a couple of days to soak it all in!

Good apartments in Bogota, Colombia, are so easy to find! All through the year, the offers are out of this world and you can find more than decent accommodation for any budget! And we truly mean any! Family homes, hotels, hostels, or private getaways are one of the pillars of Bogota’s tourism which is why they must ‘shine’!

Colombians are such happy people and we may have discovered their secret! It is all in the food and drinks! First of all, every meal in Bogota is a feast! From classical Colombian dishes to multinational cousins, the streets are swarming with adds and signs that are trying to steal your attention. The competition is huge which is the main reason they are all trying to improve their offer from season to season. Seafood is fresh, the meat is juicy and fruits and vegetables are simply delicious!

Don’t even let us start talking about spa treatments and centers! Weird beer spas and classical massage centers are all around and people are so polite and warm. You will have the warmest, welcoming feeling which just leaves you for a long, long time!

This last paragraph is actually about the most important thing we are looking for in a city. It is the people! They are the most wonderful, happy individuals, minding their own business, and smiling for no reason! They simultaneously transfer those great vibes to you and you catch yourself daydreaming in the middle of your straw down the street!

This, our friends, is Bogota. The most exotic, vibrant, and special place we have ever visited. Have you ever visited it? Share your opinion and let us know what you think!