Why Toronto should be in top 3 on your bucket list

When was the last time you sat back relaxed and thought of the best times of your life? Instead of making new memories to remember we seem to be living from our old glory. Let’s make it stop by visiting the Canada beautiful attraction -Toronto! Why is it the new best city to be in? Well, where do we start! From food and national treasures to nightlife and friendly people, it has it all. But we decided to make a shortlist why Toronto should be in the top 3 on your bucket list!

Pretty much every city or region in the world has some kind of cuisine that is special and unique. Poutine is the most famous dish and we won’t reveal what it actually is since you must do something on your own. French culture impacted Canadian cuisine a lot and you can taste it in every bite. Maybe that what makes it so special?

Culture, art, movies, and museums are almost always being presented in a boring way but there us nothing more exciting than some history being told right! Among all museums out there choose the one that has a narrator. His job is to guide you through time, skipping from one era to another in the most unexpected way-with a time machine created with words!

At the end of the day, we all just want to have some fun! No matter where we went, we need to blow off some steam and dance our worries away. There are many ways you can do that but one of the most exciting ones is Party Bus Toronto. Wherever you go people will envy you because this experience is unique and it makes you forget all the clubs you ever knew.
If you asked us when is the best time to visit Toronto we would honestly say that we don’t know. It is as magical in the winter as it is during the warmer season of the year. The winter has a certain charm and everything seems to be adaptable to the snow but during the summer it all wakes up!

From skiing and ice-skating to swimming and zoo visiting this multimillion city truly can offer you much. And if this is still somehow not enough that make friends with some local people. They are still the ones who know all the secrets to make the best of your visit! All the list in this world can’t replace your own experience and the way you see Toronto so get up from your couch, book a plane and write to us when you get back. We are sure you will meet some people on the party bus at least!