Why staying in Airbnb is better than a hotel?

How often do you travel? When you go away for a couple of days or more do you like feeling like at home or you just like something different? As much as we like good room service, there is something in the Airbnb service that is special and soul-warming! We like to think of ourselves as experienced travelers and in this paragraph, we are going to give you a few reasons why the Airbnb community thinksĀ it is the way to go!

  • Personality is something that divides good from the best (or the rest if you will)! Most of the hotels in the world are all the same, rooms are uniform and not as exciting as somebody’s home! When decorating a space, the personal touch is necessary if you want to make the person staying there feel safe and welcome. This right here is what Airbnb specializes in and the types of accommodation you can find there is unique and all with different personality!
  • Hospitality is key if you wish to be working with people and when you get to meet your host in person when renting your accommodation truly makes it special. When that warm smile meets you at the door and shows you around you immediately want you to make your stay even longer. In a hotel, you usually meet one person behind the desk and that is it, only a “hello” and “goodbye”. Sad right? In the Airbnb community, you often get a chance to drink a cup of coffee with your host. Ever had that in a hotel?
  • Making friendships and meeting new people should be a part of your daily life but since we live in such a stressful era there never seems to be enough time. But once you decide to take some time off and go on a vacation that is that chance to get to know someone new and maybe learn a few things. Airbnb hosts are mostly willing to not only get to know you but also show you around their city. When did you hear that the hotel staff is even allowed to be friends with you? Never right?
  • Peace and quiet are what rests both the body and the soul and it is necessary if you want to have a good vacation! Has it ever happened that you chose a room in a hotel and you came all excited only to hear all the fuss and happening right outside your door? Too many times if you asked us which is why Airbnb provides more secluded, more peaceful types of accommodation. In someone’s home, you can always sleep like a baby and wake up renewed and ready to seize the day!

What types of accommodation do you prefer and why? Tell us your best Airbnb experience and if you are an Airbnb virgin we can not wait for you to try it out!