Holiday Fishing Trip in California

Anglers are known to be great storytellers with long tales and narratives about their daring adventures seeping through humanity. Although you may never know about the veracity of their claims, these stories have pervaded to become myths. If you are on a holiday fishing trip in California, one of the ideal places to cruise around is Big Bear Mountains. With Big Bear cabins for rent to accommodate you and your fishing buddies, the location offers an exciting mountainous range with lakefront rentals to make room for your fishing hobby.

But before you throw in the rod and hook the bait, here are some of the biggest fishing myths that are true.

The Moon Affects the Quality of Your Catch

It has long been believed among fishers that the moon has a direct influence on the quality of your fishing catch. An inexperienced person may not accept this myth, but there it is true. A good explanation might be because fishes are used to feeding in the dark.

When it’s a full moon, there is too much light to keep fishes from coming out. Every experienced angler would recommend going on a fishing trip days before or after a full moon. Though tossing your fishing rod and your success will depend on the type of fish you are aiming to catch.

It Is Not Good To Catch Fish When It Is Raining.

There is an age-old belief that persists amongst anglers about fishing when it is raining. This myth might have likely stemmed from seasonal changes, especially when the cold front arrives. During such seasons when it almost often rains, fishes change their feeding patterns.

Although average rainy days won’t likely affect the bite because the rain will not affect a fish’ feeding pattern, at most, you can attribute this myth to some anglers who do not want to get caught fishing in the discomforts of the rain. But the truth remains that during the cold front, you won’t be likely to find the usual amount as during the warm front season.

The Myths about Catch and Release Angling

If you’ve happened to join the bandwagon of fishing trips in Southern California and are staying at Big Bear cabins for rent, chances are to meet up with anglers perpetuating the catch and release myth. There are still hobbyists who do not believe the veracity of the claims, but there is truth to the regulations.

You might be hooked in the belief that a fish won’t survive once it gets tangled on your fishing rod. But there are higher chances a fish will live when returned to the water immediately. It helps propagate the local species and keeps the angling industry alive.

Such myth might have been spread by locals who are opposed to the catch-and-release regulations of their local counties. There are also multiple accounts when the same fish has been caught several times and continues to survive despite being put out of the water numerous times.

Southern California, particularly the Lakelands in Big Bears Mountain, is an ideal place to go on an angling trip. The scenic view and bucolic place offer the best rainbow trout, largemouth bass, and bluegill. A California fishing license is mandatory for visitors over the age of 16 to fish in the local establishments.