The colorful city of South Korea – Busan

A backpacking trip to South Korea – what might sound as exotic in the first place, is turning into a more and more popular trip. The country offers the ideal conditions for an active journey that any Backpacker can experience. With a tremendous amount of culture, a colorful way of life and lots of tradition, South Korea has turned into a must for travelers. Between the numerous highlights in the country, one seems to stand out: Busan. The city is the second biggest in the country and convinces with a huge variety of attractions and must-dos. Resulting, Busan turns into a popular stop during the backpacking trip through the city of South Korea. At first glance, the city seems monotonous and average, but once you start exploring Busan, it comes to life. Colorful and full of experiences – but see for yourselves.

The top attractions

Some might be expecting similar scenery as Seoul has, but Busan is different. It offers a lot more than merely a skyline, hectic streets and some temples. Busan is a mixture of culture, art and especially the scenic nature of South Korea.

Gamcheon Culture Village

The colorful part of Busan is the Gamcheon Culture Village. The village was once the slum of Busan, which is located along the hillside over the city. During a massive project, it got turned into one big piece of art, making it one of the most popular attractions in Busan. The residents started first decorating the streets with creative street art until they also painted the houses. Today, the Gamcheon Culture Village is a district of colors, that has once been separated from life in the city. For most backpackers, it is one of the most impressive parts of the city. While some might see it as a walk through a giant open-air museum, others see it as a strong statement against poverty in South Korea.

Along the coastline

A bit of nature and adventure should not be missing during a backpacking trip to Busan. Directly from the city center, Backpackers can follow the coastal track through the Igidae Park. Leading all along the coast and the ocean, it offers unique views over the skyline of Busan. It only needs a bit of walking, until one can enter a totally different world, far away from the vibrant city life. Through forests and parks, always close to the ocean, the coastal track allows Backpackers to get to know the nature of South Korea.

Temple Paradise

It would not be Backpacking in South Korea if Busan hadn´t some unique temples to visit. The most popular among them is the Beomeosa Temple. With countless lampions and located in the middle of a peaceful park, the temple is an absolute must for any visitor. Another highlight is the Haedong Yonggungsa Temple. Directed on the top of the cliffs it offers an extraordinary visit, that Backpackers should not be missing.


Just like any megacity in South Korea, Busan also holds some impressive highlights of architecture. For photographers, the Gwangan Bridge on the coast of Busan is a clear favorite. Especially during the night, when the bridge is lit in multiple colors.

The architecture of the city center can best be explored through long walks in the streets. Next to high buildings, the Busan Tower stands out. From the top Backpackers can get a unique overview over Busan.

Beach paradise

If Backpackers need a break from the hectic city life, they can find some relaxation and calm at the beaches of Busan. The main beach is directly located in front of the skyline. Gwangalli Beach attracts multiple tourists and locals every day and offers some time under the Korean sun. If a quieter and natural beach is preferred, one of the bays along the coast are the right choice.

A city full of variety – Busan highlighting South Korea

Due to the high variety that Busan offers, the city is a clear must during the backpacking of South Korea. The attractions offer something for any type of traveler. From history, art or culture to some relaxing days out in nature – Busan simply lefts nothing to be desired.

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