Cabo De Gata, Spain

Visitors who come to Cabo de Gata are amazed to find the diverse range of landscapes the park has to offer. It has everything from scenic beaches, sandy deserts, green meadows, and volcanic formations. But if you really want to be impressed by this great natural park, then you need to check out its beaches.

Monsul Cove is a beach right out of a movie. No really, it’s right out of a movie. Monsul Cove has been used in a number of commercials and films, even appearing in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. People come from all over to see the beach’s clear blue water and multi-colored rock cliffs. This is definitely a sight to see.

The cove is easily accessible to everyone. You can get here by car or by bus. Much of the time, the water is calm and shallow, making it a great place to bring children. It is a rewarding experience to make it out here and enjoy one of the most iconic beaches of Cabo de Gata. It is also a great place to see the park’s volcanic history. Here, you will also find fossilized lava tongues which really adds a unique touch to the scenery of the beach.

Another great beach that you must see is Los Genoveses Beach. The amazing thing about this beach is that there are no cars, roads, or any signs of urban pollution. It is practically an untouched paradise. Nowhere else can you truly experience a beach like this.

It isn’t too hard to get to Los Genoveses Beach and getting here is of course completely worth it. The beach is ideal for taking stunning photos and taking in one of the greatest views in all of the parks. It’s no wonder why this is one of the most recognizable beaches in all of Cabo de Gata.

Los Muertos Beach is another jewel of the park. This one is a little harder to get compared to the other two beaches. But the hike will reward you with one of the most memorable experiences Spain has to offer.

If you were wondering why it is called Los Muertos Beach, there is a history to the name. Historically, bodies used to wash up on the shore from shipwrecks out at sea. The waters in Cabo de Gata were once highly trafficked and one could see this in some of the architecture around the park.

Ask anyone in Cabo de Gata about what beach you have to see before you could leave, and they’ll tell you that Los Muertos Beach is what you have to see. The water here is a crisp blue and the hues of colors become even more striking under the shade of the rock formations it covers. When you come to Los Muertos Beach, bring a camera.

There are plenty of beaches to visit in Cabo de Gata and they are all worth seeing, making it one of the most precious natural treasures in the world.