Why renting a Villa while in Bali

Good day to all of you hard workers, how are you? We are hoping that you answer that you need a vacation as soon as possible because this article is all about dream vacations. Recently we have heard an interesting fact which is what used to be a luxury destination nowadays can be visited anytime. Take Bali for example. Bali used to be one of the most luxurious islands and only celebrities and a few lucky people were able to afford it. Now, Bali has opened its doors and let us into the world out of this world and in the next couple of paragraphs, it will be clear why it was unavailable for a long time in the past.

bali beach
Image Source: pixabay.com

Bali is, as you know, an island in Indonesia and it is a true nature’s diamond. Imagine it like this: you landed in your dream vacation site and the first thing you feel is warm air and fresh sea breeze softly touching your skin. It feels inviting so you continued forward. On your way to your chosen resort among a thousand shades of green and blue, you notice many stone structures in the distance. Those might just be temples and ancient monuments telling a story of Indonesian ancestors. All of a sudden, you come across a big arch doors and that my friend is doors to paradise. Then the divine music starts. It is the resort you only saw pictures of and couldn’t imagine how beautiful it could look. It is so hard to find proper words to describe the softness of the sand beneath your feet or how to explain why the water is so warm. Sometimes it even seems that a parallel life is taking place because there is is just not possible to enjoy yourself that much.

Hotel Intercontinental Bali
Image Source: wikimedia.org

Describing this island is ungrateful because those who have visited always say how words don’t do it well. Let us at least give you some tips which will help you spend less money on the same amount of pleasure. Locals are so warm and friendly and anything you imagine can be serviced to you. One of the most important things when choosing your accommodation is the price, we assume? Well, in Bali you can always get a great place for a small fee but our warmest accommodation is to choose a private villa and spend your stay like a true king. Bali private villas are spacious, luxurious and amazingly well staffed. These villas are private escapes and there is a true risk that it might steal your heart. The offer is amazing and there is a place for every budget. Some villas are also made for multiple visitors at a time so you and your friends can even share the expenses. There are many services included in the price. Some homes have a pool which is serviced regularly and a private car as well.


What I can’t mention right now is the view. Nothing in this world hasn’t touched me this deep as the first sunny morning in a villa in Bali. The coffee has never tasted that great and that first day of my stay was when I decided to come back again, and then one more time. This article is being written from a private villa in Bali, where I am sipping my last glass of wine for the night looking at the moon shining brightly on the plain water surface. Is there anything else you should know or are you already packing your bags?