Waltham, MA

Good day to all you watch lovers, how are you? Are you in synch with your busy schedule or you think you could maybe visit one of the cities called “watch city” so that you can click better with all your obligations? Don’t think about it that much, be impulsive for once in your life and hurry to the airport because Waltham, a small city in Massachusetts is waiting for you. Why did we choose to write about Waltham, MA? It seems strange at first but here and there we heard some whispers about Massachusetts industrial center and how it is becoming more popular by the year.

As much as we love a good rumor, we decided to catch the first flight and see what all the fuss is about. At first, we were stunned. It seemed like after one blink of an eye we found our selves in a time machine or another dimension but with modern cars and clothes. The buildings, parks, squares and especially the city center are still in mid-1800. It is so well preserved that you forget to check your phone. Let us tell you why cities like this one are great. Firstly, you get so distracted with the fact that the surrounding is locked in the past that all your problems are being suppressed by your brain. Secondly, an endless number of museums monuments and archives paint a beautiful picture of not only the history of Waltham but you get the sense of the whole American past as well. That my friend is priceless!

The community in this picturesque town is so tight and each person is somehow included. It is one of the reasons why the whole infrastructure works like a clock, don’t you think? Many decisions are being brought having in mind everyone’s opinion we kind of got jealous by the tightness and care these people share.

It is truly something, this city. A great outdoors program is made for everyone. It is safe and comforting for families and it can also be calming for couples or friends. Throughout the year there are many fairs, market days and free concerts so whenever you decide to visit Waltham you are likely to come across something happening. If you don’t have a car while you are there, get a Waltham MA taxi, it is easy and affordable to get to any of the attractions in the city.

Wherever you live, once you enter this city you will feel like you are home. It is also possible you will secretly wish to move to this American region and live there permanently. Who knows, maybe we inspired you to dare, be more adventuristic and go on a trip around the world and settle in MA.

Once again, we agree this article is the most unusual one because not many people write about less popular destinations. But these regions only seem less popular when they are indeed a true gem of this wonderful world of ours!