How to make a plan to have the best time in Ibiza?

Many people think planning a vacation can be tricky. That is true because there are many factors you need to include and synchronize to have stress-free vacation preparation! But what about once you get to the destination? What is the best way to spend your time there and not feel like you could have done more? This is especially tricky when you are in a place like Ibiza, where music is like the most common spice (it goes with everything) and dancing is q way of life. Music can charm you and make you go with the flow and the flow moves you slowly to the clubs and bars. Don’t be left feeling sad when vacation ends so make a plan in time. Stick to a couple of advice we are going to give you bellow and you will be just fine in Ibiza.


Take a piece of paper and write down how many days in Ibiza do you have. Let the first day be the one for resting. Take some cash in your pocket and just wander around. See what the island has to offer and just get the general impression of it. You would be surprised how many things are memorized in your mind when you don’t have to memorize them!

That was the first day. The beginning of your vacation should be for your soul only. If you want to go clubbing just go and don’t hold back. If resting on the beach with a cocktail in your hand sounds more like your story than do that instead! It is still your vacation and it should suit your needs and expectations. But have in mind that each night you spend awake it is the day you spend sleeping in your bed. And sunny days are a shame to spend sleeping, at least sleeping inside.


The other half of your vacation should also be for things you enjoy doing but for this half, you should explore a little more. Find activities that are not in the focus of the island or not that well advertised. Many things in Ibiza are hiding behind the clubs and loud music and if you look a little further you won’t have any trouble finding them! Imagine what you can do if you rent a boat in Ibiza or change the restaurant every evening?

Only after a vacation filled with different activities can be a productive vacation. Then it feels like you haven’t wasted your time in Ibiza and you did not only clubbing but also exploring and dining like a king. But there is also one more thing. If you are not too excited to make the plan and if it doesn’t sound like your vacation type than don’t do it. Listen to your heart and do what makes you happy. Still, Ibiza is all about happiness!