Freein Explorer Stand Up Paddle Board Review-2020

Paddling with grace and stability just became more interesting with new Freein 11’ Explorer Inflatable Sup Package in vibrant light blue color. A new and improved board with the great specification is finally on the market and it comes with a special package. The board is made with military approved technology and materials and it is now 11’ long and you can easily paddle with your buddy or your best furry friend. Extra stability comes with 6 Point Bungee System reinforced carbon fiber sides. It can hold up to 315lbs and it only weighs as low as 23.54lbs! The package we mentioned comes with 3 adjustable paddles, inflatable SUP, hand pump, 10′ coiled leash, repair kit which is a really important and special backpack to carry it in!

Another super board comes in 10’2 Explorer Inflatable Sup Package also in light blue color. It is smaller by a few inches and lighter as well! It can be perfect for carrying around and Shoulder Straps Mounting Points can be truly helpful combined with Carrying handle! It has 25mm Tail Kick and a specially designed Sport Camera Mount to help you capture every special moment on your paddling board! New design and special materials allow you and your board to endure any weather condition which makes it perfect for such an amazing outdoor sport!

Don’t leave us just yet because there are more amazing packages such as Freein 11’ Explorer Inflatable Sup Package in blue color which is as amazing as the previous two! Densest drop stitch pattern and up to 11200 stitches make the board not only endurable but also firm and light so you don’t have to worry about a new one for years! What makes it great for beginners and experts in paddling is security points. It is now so easy to inflate it with Freein Double Action Hand Pump that comes in all packages which inflate your board in 5 minutes and at least 50% easier than the standard, older pump. The pump along with other equipment can be easily packed in 20L drybag or a travel backpack. It makes any trip enjoyable!

Another version of this package is the smaller one in blue color. Freein 10’2 Explorer Inflatable Sup Package is smaller and lighter but not less effective! With tons of great features, this newly designed board improves your game not only because it is compatible with any weather conditions, paddlers’ height and weight but also because it is easy to carry and inflate! Pros love it because you can do all with it and beginners adore it because it is safe and easy to use!

If you are still thinking about it have in mind that these special packages come with a repair kit just in case. This repair kit is also easy to use but if it still doesn’t do the job you have 3 years warranty! What a deal, right?