Rockport, Massachusetts Travel Guide

If you are looking for a vacation that blends the old and the new, then Rockport MA is the place to visit. This small fishing village still retains the old-world charm while providing you all the comforts of the modern world. This place offers something for everyone. Whatever be the activity that you want to engage in during your vacation, you can find it here. If you are the type that doesn’t want to do anything during your vacation you can just relax in the modern comfort of your Rockport MA hotel.

Enjoy The Sea

Rockport is a place for those who love the smell of the sea. The lovely beaches of the place are a treat to the eyes and the nose. The smell of the sea along with that of seafood being prepared in the restaurants nearby is enough to make anyone want to stay in the place forever. Pebble Beach is one of the favorites for visitors to this place. The beach is aptly named due to the cover of pebble and rocks on the beach. But these are not rough or jagged to hurt your feet.

If you are one that enjoys the feel of beach sand under your feet, then the long walk from Long Beach to Cape Hedge Beach is something you must not miss when you visit Rockport, MA. The twin lighthouses on Thatcher Island are a wonderful sight to see from Long Beach. This protected stretch of beach has a lot of summer cottages on it. The blue waters of the ocean and the white sand combine to give you an experience that you will never forget.

Get Close To Nature

It is not just the beaches of Rockport, MA that you will enjoy. There are many other natural attractions for those who want to get close to nature’s bounties. The parks and quarries in the place are a visual experience for the nature-lover in you. A walk through this will surely make you forget the oppressive smells and heat of the city. The quarries in Rockport offer a great place for swimming with its warm and calm waters.

Places To Stay In Rockport, MA

Though it still maintains the seaside village atmosphere, this place has some of the best places to stay. You can find various places to stay depending on how deep your pockets are. What everyone would like about Rockport, MA are the inns that still maintain the ambiance of the historic inns of New England. When looking for a Rockport MA hotel, you can look at the various properties of the Inns of Rockport, who can offer all varieties of accommodation.

If you are the type looking to spend your vacation staying in an apartment overlooking the Atlantic Ocean, then Perry’s Waterfront Apartment is the place for you. You can even try your cooking in the well-equipped kitchenettes in the units. Just pick your chair and walk down to the beach to enjoy the sweet music of the waves along with a nice book. All the shops are just a short stroll away and your kids can enjoy exploring the tide pools.