5 reasons why you should visit Cyprus

This is the time of the year people are beginning to plan their summer vacations. For those with tender spirits, there are well-known, usual destinations. If you are feeling adventurous this year then visiting an Island not that popular such as Cyprus. When we say not that popular we mean not often chosen by tourists but those who chose it to end up coming back at least one more time in their life. In this short yet concise article, we will try to give you five top reasons why a magical island such as this one is a must-visit! Follow the Traveling Greek blog for more interesting tips.


  • It wasn’t easy choosing number one but we all kind of agreed on this one- Cyprus is a holistic therapy for all your senses. As soon as you land you will feel that the air is different and it is where it all starts. Many luxury resorts and spa retreats (which are also affordable) are placed in Cyprus and there are also many patients with various diseases who chose it. Spiritual well-being is as important as physical, don’t you agree? No more talk about number one, when you visit it you will see how peaceful the surrounding is and why is it so meaningful.


  • Fresh, healthy ingredients are the base for most meals. Since the island is bathing in the sea, fresh fish and seafood are all around and available 24/7 but a true gem is what grows from the rich grounds. Fruits and vegetables combined with special types of cheeses and golden olives are food for God. There are various tastes combined in Cyprus because it has been impacted by many different cultures throughout the centuries. The intense experience we can not wait for you to try!
  • Some of us like to be active on vacation and some of us just like to sit back and relax. Many worldwide destinations popular with tourists tend to offer both options by island life is a bit different. Many sunny days over the year make Cyprus the ideal location for most tourists and professional athletes. Fresh air, interesting terrain, and a playful sea allow you to devote your attention to physical health and activity. On the other side, there are quiet regions, beaches, and hills where you can enjoy your favorite book in the shades.


  • Nowadays, Cyprus is popular with couples looking to have their wedding by the sea or even with newlyweds wanting to have their honeymoon. It is one of the most popular destinations for celebrations and ceremonies.
  • In the last place but surely not least is Larnaca airport transfers. However it may seem, it makes every holiday better and more relaxing. Why take chances and risk spending more time at the airport than necessary? Book this service on time and think about happier activities!

Tombs of the Kings Paphos Cyprus

There are many more reasons why you should visit Cyprus but the thing is no one wants to read 2 pages long article. What we would be happy to hear is your experience. What do you think we should put on our list and what would also be useful for our travelers?