Destin, Florida

Hello, everyone, how are you doing? You must be excited since vacation season is approaching and all you can think about is what bathing suit will fit best and is one sun cream enough! But have you chosen your destination properly? Is the answer is yes then read the article just for fun and if you need more ideas to stay tuned and see why we chose to write about Destin, Florida.

Like every coastal city, Destin has a lot to offer but we won’t overwhelm you with details. This is why in this article we will mention three main reasons why you should plan your next vacation on the Emerald Coast in Florida.

  • Emerald Coast is known for its beautiful nature and landscapes but what is most beautiful about it is the sea. Green and crystal clear, the water surrounding Destin attracts millions of people each year. The temperature of the water from April until September is perfect, just as it is supposed to be and during other months of the year it is not that warm but you still can enjoy it! What we would also put as number one is the freshness of the air. Is it the sea breeze that won’t let the pollution stay above Destin for too long, we don’t know but whatever it is it’s working! And one more thing, you won’t believe how soft the sand gets!
  • In second place comes accommodation. Destin beach resorts are well built, generously equipped and the prices vary a lot. This is both good and bad but it also means you can find a place to stay no matter how big or small your budget is. Keep in mind you should book it as soon as possible because the chances of something being available during the holiday season are slim to none. There are also many hotels and private condos adjusted for parents with children so if you plan on having a family vacation, Destin is also a great idea!

  • Last but surely not the least important is the activities Destin has to offer. If you are an adventurer there are many things you can do here. For example, paragliding or scuba diving is one of the often chosen ones. You can also play beach volleyball or even play water polo. If you prefer to stay in the shades, read your favorite book and sip a colorful cocktail, you can do that as well. There are private parts of the shore, like resorts where you can rent a small piece of the beach with your private beach chair and you can stay there all day long.

We have recently come back from Destin but writing these articles woke up with beautiful memories. Maybe we will meet there soon so we can talk in person about what are things you like or dislike. Until then, tell us what are other places you would like us to write about.