Best places to own a beach house

For most people owning a beach house is a dream come true. We know that often managing a vacation house is not cheap but having in mind the happiness it brings, costs come in second place. Hearing people talk about buying a beach house made us think about it more, mostly about the issues and problems those people face. So, among many questions, one rose above all: what is the best place to own a beach house?

First of all, when we say the best place, we don’t only mean the country or city but also proximity to the beach and neighborhood. Having that in mind, in the next few paragraphs we will mention a couple of best places for your dream beach house, taking different criteria.

If your budget is slightly lower than you wanted it to be, the best place to own a vacation beach house is in a small, coastal town, further from the big city. For Example, Mediterranean coastal towns such as Petrovac in Montenegro or Oia, Santorini. If you are looking for a place on another continent such as America, your budget must be bigger.

South America has an amazing coast and cities like Mancora, Peru is simply among those places you want to live in. Activities are endless and people are friendly. It is not too big so what you can expect is spending your days in peace and with your thoughts. Mexican coast is a different story altogether. Let’s mention Cancun as a true example of a city where people party 24/7, energy is circling and music doesn’t stop. If this sounds like a perfect vacation then think about buying a beach house there.

Vietnam and Thailand are getting more popular each day! The prices of beach houses vary from region to region but you can find many choices for your budget. What is also important, at least for us, you can get a lot of privacy since another house is further from yours (the neighborhood is well built).

Whether your idea of a perfect beach house is the one in a small Mediterranean coastal town of music in Cancun makes your body dance to the rhythm, you won’t make a mistake either way. When you have your own beach house, you get to enjoy the waves, sandy beaches, and gentle sun as much as you want. Maybe those of you who already own a house like this could give us a call so we can check it out first hand?