Phuket as a true Thailand gem

Many of you have heard how recently Thailand has become a popular tourist destination. People from all around the world save their money just so they can enjoy different aspects of it. What we appreciated the most was how well they take care of their sea, beaches, and tourism all in one. Thailand has an interesting coastal life but we felt like Phuket stole our heart by far! It is not the popularity of the place that made us feel enthusiastic about it. What it was we can’t define but we are planning our next trip as soon as possible.

What is it that stole our heart completely? First of all, the locals are so welcoming and kind and they made us feel welcome. If you want to know more about their culture, people in Phuket are more than happy to show you around. If you are lucky you might also be a part of some of the local festivals like Phuket travel fair in November or many more. If you already decided to spend your time and money on a vacation in Thailand, make the most of it!

Phuket resorts are unlike any in the world. They are secluded, private and there is nothing you would need that they don’t have. Let’s take the beaches for example. Whether you are seeking solitude or company all you need to do is walk a bit more and somehow all you need turn in front of you. And the temperature of the sea is just right. Sea World is also unique and for a little extra money, you get to dive into the unknown, magical depths.

Phuket has an interesting taste in food. Nowhere in the world, you can taste that many unusual things like in Thailand and our advice is to check both local restaurants and street food stands. You will be surprised how good food from the street can taste and how much love is being put into it. And love adds a special spice into everything.

There is something special we also wanted to mention. If you have enough time and money, ask around and check if any of the locals are willing to reveal hidden beaches and sites. Those are the ones we fell in love with the most! Oh, how peaceful it was! Nevertheless, if you don’t have enough time there will be a second visit to Phuket, we assure you!

Working all year long, almost 10 hours per day makes you want that vacation more than anything. Be bold and dare to let yourself go, enjoy and refill. Phuket has all you need and more so prepare for the gentle sun and soft waves of the ocean and just breathe!