Bangkok, Thailand – Travel Guide

Have you ever felt like you belong somewhere and you can’t seem to shake that feeling off? No matter how hard you are trying, it is impossible to find the source of this feeling so why fight it, just go with the flow. This right here was what we felt as soon as we stepped foot in Bangkok, Thailand. Being tired of all the stories we listened to and all the photos and videos, we decided to buy tickets and go on a trip with a lot of expectations. But we came across a problem since Bangkok exceeded our expectations!

As soon as we entered our hotel in Bangkok (which was by the way deserving of a royalty member) we could feel our adventure starting. In this article, we won’t mention sightseeing or any other tourist attraction since there are professionals who do it better. We want to emphasize the feelings we encountered on every steep we made since people mostly remember how something made them feel!

All Seasons Plaza Bangkok
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The mornings in Bangkok are unlike anywhere else in the world. Forget about drinking your coffee in peace while reading the news. Sure, you can find yourself a corner to hide but why would you? In Thailand’s capital, life moves with amazing energy and the morning is as shiny as the night!

If you are a true hedonist, by lunchtime you would have already experienced famous Thai massages in some of the respected wellness centers after which you will know why everyone is talking about this fork of art so much!

Bangkok from the sky
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Being smart as you are, your lunch will be street food where you get to meet local small entrepreneurs and see how people truly live in Bangkok. From finger foods or food on the stick, we advise you not to ask what you are eating before tasting. You will be surprised when it comes to the uniqueness of tastes. Good cuisine doesn’t only come from a five-star restaurant, which you will agree upon as soon as you come back from Thailand.

By night time you will already be bursting from the energy you collected during the day. Lively nightlife is what Bangkok is famous for. From elite clubs and bars to rooftops with breathtaking views not even a month would be enough to get the whole picture.


Having in mind the amount of energy and feelings we experienced in Bangkok, how ready are you to visit it? Keep in mind, there is no right time for it, only now is right! The more you wait the greater are the chances you miss out on something so close your bags and open your minds. Once you land in Thailand, the adventure begins!