How to get by in Hong Kong, the safest city in China

You have reached that part of your life where you need to go and see the world. Traveling is what you live for and now you took some time off from the real world and the decision is made-Asian countries here we go! Where to start? Don’t mind us suggesting but try and begin with Hong Kong, the safest and shiniest city in the south China region. There is a risk though, you might fall in love with it more than you expect! What is it that it offers?

Hong Kong Night Skyline

Even if you know Hong Kong as an ancient city, nowadays the world’s modern impact made a huge change and this attracted many different people. What happened exactly? The industry and infrastructure raised rapidly and it reached a point where the average salary is bigger and open work spaces are available. If we were to add something more to this ‘offer’, here is what it would all be!

Hong Kong

To get by in Hong Kong as a tourist or otherwise, you need to know your options. As a city with more than 7 million people, options are unlimited. When it comes to accommodation (permanent or vacation homes), the real estate business is booming. You can choose a proper lining space according to your budget but you must know one thing, don’t expect it to be much spacious.

Hong Kong

Another thing you must be familiar with when getting by in Hong Kong is transportation. More than 90 percent of residents use public transportation since it is safe and easy to use. Speed is an issue as well so don’t act brave and choose to drive a car when you leave for an Arron early in the morning. The rush hour will swallow you whole and you might not finish what you have in time.

Hong Kong

Did you love Hong Kong so much that now you decided to move permanently? Don’t worry, the biggest expat community in the world will help you learn more about how to be an expat in Hong Kong. They are truly friendly and open so think of them as an extended family. They will even help you find work faster which is as helpful as it gets! Once you set yourself up for success, you are expected to contribute to the community as well by welcoming other expats in an helping them get by! Moving to any city or region can be exhausting and all help is welcome. As a tourist or a new member of the community, you must have reliable information so research as much as possible and share your experience as well. It may help other people find their way in Hong Kong and they might even become your neighbor. Who knows, life works in unexpected ways!