The best Kilimanjaro Tours you can choose from when visiting Africa

We all know that Africa is one of the wildest (if not the wildest) continents in the world. Having said that, it is really important to know what you are getting yourself into before visiting it and you need to decide this on time. There are certain preparations you have to get done before stepping on Africa’s ground so stay with us and we will try our best to prepare you well!
Africa has many mountains and mountain ranges worth visiting but we have to separate one of them which is Mount Kilimanjaro. You have seen it in many movies, heard about it in some songs but a first-hand experience excided all our expectations! But, we have to admit something. A mistake we made was not knowing how many Kilimanjaro Tours we can choose from and how well they were truly organized. This right here is why we decided to try and improve your experience by revealing this ‘secret’.

In almost any local or foreign tourist agency you can arrange a tour that suits tour needs. The duration of each one is different but the thing that stays the same is the final goal. Each path leads to the top but in a different way.
For example, Tanzania equals wilderness and the photos can be amazing. Sightseeing tour with wildlife watching is nowadays popular as well.  There are also individual, couple, group or family climbs and tours which is important to announce earlier! Some tours have climbing gear included and they are more expensive whereas some offer you a possibility to bring your own. If you are an experienced climber this can be your opportunity to pay less for extra preparations!

Personalized tours are also a possibility. Contact an experienced tour guide and arrange all details with him or her. This way you can set your own price range and expectations of the tour which will most likely be fulfilled!

Safari tours are almost mandatory! Seeing the wildlife of Africa from up close is fascinating and you can just feel the adrenalin rushing through your veins. Lions catching their lunch in front of you or another animal giving birth is an amazing and out of this world experience! It is also extra dangerous so follow all rules and do as you are told.

Depending on how high your budget is, there are some tours that are simply designed to be luxurious. Full comfort is what some people enjoy so if you are one of them, you must know that even in the wilderness you can feel like royalty!