How active can you be in Tibet?

Finally, it is that time of year where you get to go to the well-deserved vacation. You need some peace so you decided to check Tibet out. You heard many people talking about it but somehow it seemed so far. Worry not, now your dreams will easily come true. This article is all about how to get by in Tibet and how active do you need to be to have fun and still get enough rest.

Let’s see what you need to do first. Tibet travel can be exhausting so like every great and experienced traveler make an itinerary. It is no more than a basic list of your expectations and things you would like to see. You will see how great it is to feel that you have fulfilled a goal and check a box out.

At the same time try and find a reputable travel agency. Going abroad can be stressful so make sure you are traveling with people who know what they are doing and your experience will be truly enhanced. If you are already in Tibet and you realized you need a tour guide don’t hold back. Locals are also very welcoming and friendly and there has never been a situation where they didn’t help a person in need.

Once you step foot in Tibet, talk to your guide about the best options for you to get to know the region. Whether it is Tibet trekking or 8 days tour through central Asia you can’t honestly make a wrong choice. As long as you get to connect with yourself on this spiritual journey you are on the right track. Lately, there seem to be more and more new tours that combine religion, gastronomy and adrenaline. Yes, in only a few days you would be able to see the Tibet, learn about Buddhism and other religion and also make adrenaline rush your veins.

 When you travel to a distant location, make sure you pack light but smart. Weather changes quickly in Tibet so you need both umbrellas and hats. After all, the sun rises after every rain.

What we found most exotic are high altitude mountain walks. Breathtaking views, lovely locals and homemade dishes are a real change from our busy everyday lives. Imagine how you will appreciate more what you have after seeing the minimalist lifestyle in Tibet.

If this article was not enough to convince you to visit this Asian region, do contact us for more information. But if you are an experienced traveler and you came across these few sentences, we would be happy to hear from you and try to improve. Still, it is written to make your traveling a unique experience!