Easy travel with your furry, four-legged friend

Unlike most of our other articles, this one is mostly dedicated to a different type of ‘readers’. Well, not readers but their best friends-dogs! How many times have you wanted to go abroad or even to the country next to yours but somehow you couldn’t find it in your heart to leave your dog at your neighbor’s house or somewhere else? We fell you which is why this article is like a guide on how to travel easily with your Frenchie.

Pets are demanding but that is nothing compared to the amount of happiness they bring into our lives. Firstly, before buying your ticket for abroad check whether your pet is vaccinated properly. Your pet must leave the country so if you want to make them a passport, their medical chart should be perfect. No big deal right?

On the other hand, there are some extra costs such as special fees you need to pay for your dog’s transportation. Depending on the type of transportation you choose, you will have to find fitting equipment for your companion too. Now, what happens when you get to your desired destination? Fun, what else? Pack your backpack smartly and do not forget your furry friend has needs as well. Pack an extra bottle of water and a small cup so they can drink as well and a few snacks just in case. Snacks make them calmer in many situations.

There is a small problem when it comes to pet-friendly places. We know that your dog has more manners than most people but unfortunately, it is not yet that obvious. When you choose a city you want to visit with your Frenchie, try surfing the net a little and see which restaurants, malls, and shops allow pets.

If your dog is well behaved, you can expect an easy and calm vacation. If the whole family is going it gets even more exciting and family photos have never looked better. Imagine you all driving through the city, windows wide open, sliding through the streets. Then you stop for a break and let your dog out in the park for a run while you make a perfect picnic in the shades. Fresh air, children playing, dogs running and all of you laughing!

To make things clear in one paragraph: bringing your dog on a vacation can make you spend more money, time and energy but at the same time you will always know that your pet is safe, happy, well-fed and always by your side. Let’s face it, no one loves you unconditionally as they do and nothing brings you as much joy as those two brown eyes in a ball of fur.