11 Fun Facts about Yellowstone National Park

There are only a few people who have never heard about Yellowstone national park but a lot of them who don’t know much about it. This is the reason why we decided to write a short article about 11 fun facts about Yellowstone National Park and elaborate on all of them.
  • This national park is an amazing place for a camping trip but what is exciting is that it is equally good in the winter as it is during the warmer periods of the year. The snowy winters are reserved for adrenalin addicts and summers are for families with children who love to enjoy the outdoors!
  • Education is important in every aspect of our lives and Yellowstone employees tend to take this seriously. Why would they not since there is so much to learn about this natural wonder. For example, Yellowstone has more than 500 active geysers and more than 1000 earthquakes each year!

  • Did you know that it lays on the top of an active volcano? You never know when it can get activated which is why you should visit it as soon as possible. Who knows how long will it be there?
  • Millions of people visit it each year which is funny because it has no more than 400 permanent employees who take care of the park.
  • Many areas that contain water are dangerous. The ones that are safe offer not only swimming but fishing as well!
  • Yellowstone is home to one of the oldest herds of bison in the world! It protects this species from extinction and educates people as much as possible about the importance of preserving wildlife.
  • The climate here is so unusual! In the summer it can get as hot as 37 degrees and in the winter it can fall to -57 degrees! Who can endure these changes?

  • The world’s tallest active geyser can erupt as high as 90m. Pretty amazing, right?
  • In 1995. Grey wolves were close to being extinct until they were ‘resurrected’ in Yellowstone. Nowadays they wander freely and you have many chances of seeing one in its natural habitat!
  • In Yellowstone, drivers share the road. What does this mean? It means that you truly need to respect the speed limit since chances of running into a wild animal are close to 100%. This is also an opportunity to get a great photo from up close.

  • This national park has been exposed to natural catastrophes many times than we can count and it remained standing. Pretty inspiring right?

Last but not least, we would like to ask you something. Do you know why it is called Yellowstone?