Pune, India

What have you heard about India? Have you ever been to this large country and visited something interesting? Recently we have heard some whispers about India and decided to see what is it all about. After visiting a few cities in India, we realized that whispering about it is a shame so we chose a city called Pune and in this article, we are loudly shouting about it!

Pune is the second biggest city in India, after Mumbai. It is home to more than 3 million people and this huge community is doing its best to welcome tourists all over the world and make them feel welcome. That is exactly what we felt the first time we stepped foot there.

As soon as you enter the city borders you get mesmerized by the colors of nature and architecture. They are proud of their history and you can feel that with all your senses but you are mistaken if you thought that they are not developing or following all modern trends. As in any other big city, Pune has many historic sites, and to be honest, we don’t feel like talking about them. It can lead us in the wrong direction since we want to make this article exciting and welcoming.

In the spirit of what we said above, let’s see what Pune is offering when it comes to the activities on a vacation. Camping became one of Indias favorite activity and many famous campsites are being discovered as we speak. They are usually up on the hill or near a lake such as Pawna where we have visited the most exciting sunset and sunrise ever! If you thought that clothes and buildings have a special color, wait until you see the Sun in different parts of the day. It seems as India stole the best color tones and kept it for itself!

From the ground to the sky! Paragliding in Kamshet seems to be a perfect thing for adrenalin addicts. Flying fast and falling slow is their motto but honestly, we were not that brave to try it. Are you?

Scuba diving in Tarkali takes us under the water. Imagine how colorful the wildlife underwater is and how special the experience can be?

Many resorts near Pune offer great deals during the tourist season. From wellness to wildlife or camping, you can find it all. But, what we recommend as a must is food. Find a national restaurant near your hotel and order a dish of your preference. It is a taste people are not used to but once you get to know all the combinations, you can be bold and try to recreate one of the dishes for a family dinner at home.

Since Pune has so many people, it can be a shock as soon as you land. That is why they created a service called Airport shuttle pnq which you can find parked in front of the airport, already booked for you. It is the first small rest from your long trip and it is a comfortable ride to your hotel. Trust us, you need this! Safety comes first, right?