Things to do in Hurghada

Driving home from the long day at work you saw an add that recommended a vacation site and it is still not leaving your head? Well, if you saw an ad for Hurghada, it is no wonder. Egypt’s most developed and treasured city on the coast of the Red Sea is home to most welcoming people who are embracing warmly tourists for many years now and not only that, even nature there is friendly.

For those who have visited Hurghada, it is an ideal vacation site. Whether your reason for traveling is romance, private retreat, or family trip, it offers it all! And wait until you read about the activities you can do in Hurghada!

The most common activity associated with seaside is swimming and sunbathing. You will be surprised to hear that those two are just a ‘drop in the sea’ of many other things to do.

For example, dolphins are the friendliest sea creatures and in Hurghada, you will have the chance to swim with them for a small fee. It is an exciting experience and your friends will envy you when they see the pictures at home!

For snorkeling enthusiasts, there are many national parks such as Giftun Island which offers a chance to get to know this wonderful city even underwater. Colorful reefs and even more amazing fish species will take you to another dimension. If snorkeling is not your cup of tea, you might want to consider one of those boats with glass bottoms. This way you won’t get wet but you will still enjoy the underwater world. Visit Egypt Tours Portal for more information.

Adrenalin addict? Say no more! Quad bike safari is your choice! Imagine a full day trip to the Sahara desert, where the only thing in front of you is sand until you magically stump onto an oasis. It will give you a feeling like you touched paradise!

Imagine a view from the heights? Paragliding is also on the menu and it is also one of the most visited activities in Hurghada! Already feeling the wind through your hair? We do too!

And for those of calmer nature, there are always trips to Cairo where you can enjoy national museums or you can even book a trip to visit pyramids! History lovers are always choosing this, and kids enjoy it too!

For big families, aqua parks are a place to be! Jungle Aquapark is one of the most famous, and we are almost certain that you wouldn’t be able to try out every ride in there in only one visit.

If somehow this is too much, you can always stay at the beach or the hotel resort, creating enough vitamin D to last you through the winter. But, we recommend you to think again, because who knows what you might like in the end. Maybe somewhere deep inside there is an adventurist just waiting to be released or even a hedonist trying to get out! Things to do in Hurghada are endless, and next year you will wish to continue where you left off. Good luck, and if you discover any new and exciting activity, please do tell!