Doha, Qatar – One of the Most Memorable Escapades

Not to be left behind by its neighbors Abu Dhabi and Dubai, Doha is heavily promoting its beauty, making the world aware of its wonderful and fast-developing city. As the capital of Qatar, this city has seen huge potential in becoming one of the world’s premier destinations. May it be a short trip or just a stopover, a trip to Doha can be one of your most memorable escapades.

Getting to know Doha’s culture and heritage can be your first activity, and doing so will allow you to fully understand and discern not just Doha’s history but also its people and their warm personalities. While in it, your eyes will feast on the Capital’s many forts and towers which reflect how affluent its architecture and Islamic art are. When you are in Doha, you cannot afford to miss “Dhow” or the country’s traditional boat. For romantic couples, the Dhow yacht cruise is perfect when witnessing the capital’s awesome skyline. The Desert Safari Adventure is another must-do, where the thrilling 4×4 ride sends your adrenaline to great heights while basking on smooth sandy hills and dunes.

Doha is a region that allows heart-pumping activities, such as water sports, camel and horse racing, and golfing; and when it is time to slow things down, its majestic sandy beaches are ready for your relaxation and laid-back moments. Do not leave Doha without having a close encounter with Arabian Oryx, the symbol of Qatar, which found a home in Al Maha Sanctuary. The sanctuary is not only famous for its milky-white rare antelopes, but also for being the “first Arab nation to protect Arabian Oryx.

The best way to cap off the Doha adventure is to partake in the city’s shopping and nightlife, which is very diverse. From traditional street markets and bazaars to modern-day shopping centers, and from jazzy music to shisha lounges, the city’s atmosphere will invite you to let loose and enjoy every second of your visit.