Can older people adventure travel?

Traveling is for all ages, including the elderly. However, when traveling with older people, different kind of planning is needed as their needs are not the same as everyone else. Short to say, the elderly and their companion or caregiver needs to provide them with extra care when driving long distances, flying, or going on a cruise. Some factors related to travel, such as sudden change of weather and temperature, long periods of sitting, standing or walking, and the stress and demands of traveling might affect their age and health condition. Here are a few of the important tips to be considered when traveling with an elderly:

Properly pack the medications:  If the elderly need to take medication while traveling, pack the meds properly and have it hand-carried for easy retrieval.  It is wise to put the schedule on when it has to be taken in by the elderly, and it is best to put in a position that can be retrieved easily and anytime. Similarly, all prescriptions must be on-hand just in case airport security personnel ask what the medicines are for.

Arrange special services in advance: If the elderly needs to be on a wheelchair or needs to be seated on a certain spot in the airplane, train or bus, then get in touch with the airline or transportation administration so to explain why a special arrangement for the elderly traveler needs to be done. Before proceeding to the airport or the area of destination, make sure that these special arrangements are ready and available.

Pack lightly: The elderly need full assistance and attention and that only becomes possible if there is less luggage to think and watch of, carry and hold.

Less pressures and demands: Take note that older people move slower than their younger counterparts and they might find it hard to adapt to the rush, pressure, and demands of traveling. Be considerate enough by plotting an itinerary that is easy for them to follow. To reduce their anxiety and stress, they have a predictable routine so they can easily well-adjust to it.

Adjust to their needs: The company or caregiver of the traveling elderly must be the one to adjust to the capacity of the elderly to travel and not the other way around. In this case, a back-up plan and another set of itineraries should be prepared just in case the original plan won’t take place due to certain circumstances.