York, England

York is the proud home of some of the most gorgeous cathedrals and highly-preserved historic buildings in Europe which makes it a top tourist destination next to London and Manchester. York may be compact, yet it is packed with a great number of attractions every discerning traveler finds pleasing. A week-long holiday may not be enough to discover everything York offers, including its events, festivals, and authentic cuisine; and for visitors with limited time on hand, the most relevant attractions that make York known to the world should not be missed.

  The city is a family-oriented destination and children will have a grand time in York, most especially when they set foot on the Railway Museum and the prestigious Chocolate Factory. “City of Festivals” is the tagline of York, and it gained such a name due to the city’s line-up of colorful festivals and upbeat events, including the much-talked-about Viking Festival, Angel Festival (the Festival of Angels), and Christmas St. Nicholas. These festivals also appeal to little ones, especially that they involve a lot of dressing up, colorful costumes, and mock plays. For the grown-ups, events such as the York Festival of Food and Drink and York Beer and Cider Festival are winners.

York Minster is an absolute must when having a holiday in York, as there is no greater feeling than to see Europe’s world-renowned cathedral made beautiful by stained glass and precious stones in intricate designs. Being one of York’s most important attractions, several programs are lined-up for visitors, such as The Orb and chamber tours. Another significant historical attraction is the Clifford Tower which is the symbol of medieval kings’ rule and power. Here, the sweeping view of natural scenery is an added feature.

Included in the line-up of historic places is the JORVIK Viking Center, one of the biggest attractions in Europe. Here is where the products and discoveries of contemporary archeology are found, and with over 400,000 artifacts some dating more than 1,000 years old, this destination is a paradise for history and archeology buffs. There must also be a schedule for Castle Museum, Yorkshire Museum, and The York Dungeon to learn more about the interesting history of York, or take a stroll along the York Walls and have an uninterrupted sight of York’s medieval city or a relaxing walk in the narrow cobblestone pathways of Snickleways.

The streets of York are filled with quaint shops, unique boutiques, and vibrant dining spots which makes shopping and dining a highly-anticipated part of the getaway. Probably the most-famous among wise shoppers is the York Designer Outlets, where high-end brands and designer names are offered at incredibly low prices. For authentic meals that are easy on the pocket, local pubs and traditional eateries are great options. York, is a prime tourist destination, is packed with international restaurants and fast-food chains, and from modest to high-class dining, there is one that suits the budget.