Quebec City, Canada

The Canadian province Quebec has the Quebec City as its capital, a city where the original city walls, up to this day, remain intact and highly-preserved. No doubt a tourist destination, Quebec City has this old town charm that breathes nostalgic air, thanks to its historic sites and century-old architectures. Stepping into the Old Quebec City, it becomes easy to conclude while this destination makes it to the prestigious list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

The amazing experience in Quebec City starts in its old towns and historic areas, and roaming the Old City by foot is the best way to appreciate its offerings, as every corner has a display of old-styled buildings and ancient homes. Riding theFuniculaire in seeing the upper and the lower parts of the Old City is popular with tourists, as it helps in accessing the Breakneck Stairs up to the premises of Chateau Frontenac quite easily. The Old City is a popular destination due to its historical relevance, is also home to chic boutiques, antique shops, gift shops, and fine restaurants. The Old City also becomes interesting due to street performers and horse-drawn carriages. Rue du Trésor, an open-air art gallery, is worth visiting, too. And a relaxing stroll along Dufferin Terrace that overlooks St. Lawrence Rivera and the rest of the city allows for an extraordinary experience.

The defense walls, known as the Fortifications of Quebec, are among the most-visited destinations in this part of Canada. Walls of almost 4 kilometers long and massive gates await visitors of the fortification. Another spot worth visiting is the Sainte-Anne-de-Beaupré Shrine, not only because of its imposing features in neo-Roman style, but also because of its great reputation of being “a place of miracles.” This oldest pilgrimage site in North America owns incredible appeal courtesy of its stained glass windows, intricate artworks, and of course, St. Anne’s golden statue.

Here, recreational and outdoor activities are carried out with picturesque scenery in the background, thanks to venues such as Montmorency Falls Park, Parc national de la Jacques-Cartier, Le Massif de Charlevoix, and the St. Lawrence Rivera that allow such remarkable experience to happen. A haven for outdoor pursuits, the city of Quebec plays host to energetic activities such as gondola riding, trekking, fishing, and canoeing, camping. Because the city of Quebec collects great amounts of snow, winter activities, such as snow-skiing and dogsledding, are popular to visitors as well. It is true that when it comes to natural beauty, Quebec City is not behind.

For a laid-back Quebec tour, visiting the area’s countryside is ideal.  Îled’Orléans, where historic cottages, heritage homes, ancient houses and quaint villages are very much alive, is worth visiting. Meanwhile, the ancestral site of Wendake is another destination worth considering, as it is here where the lives of the aborigines during the 17th century are highlighted.  Quebec City is teeming with attractions both historical and natural, and with its line-up of awe-inspiring destinations, the visit to this famous capital will no doubt result in a life-long wonderful experience.