Oxford, England

Oxford is an important academic city in England and the oldest one at that.  Nestled just 50 miles away from the equally popular London, Oxford is accentuated with small yet gorgeous villages that aptly reflect the vibe of Old English. Not only defined by the historic colleges, but Oxford is also a picture of aged stone churches, charming antique shops, and lush meadows and rolling hills. With traveler-friendly features and world-class amenities, heading to Oxford for some memorable getaway is an excellent move.

The city of Oxford has a modest size, and it’s being compact makes it perfect to be explored by walking. The tour to the city center is pleasant, thanks to well-posted signs and pedestrian streets. Even the narrow streets of the city are very organized, to the delight of visitors who feel safe and secure walking around the city. There are a great number of attention-catching buildings in the city center, perfectly blending to a group of small and old-fashioned establishments.

Oxford is packed with a bundle of iconic landmarks, important establishments, and historic buildings, the reason why the city is desired by art and history buffs. One of Europe’s oldest libraries, Bodleian Library, is within the premises. Worth visiting as well as the University Church of St. Mary the Virgin, where one is bound to witness how richly-adorned this place is, most of history and architectural subject. In addition to this, the famed church’s imposing tower gives out uninterrupted views of the astonishing cityscape.

Being the famous home of the country’s world-class and most important colleges, no tour is complete without seeing at least one of the famed campuses. Some of the prominent ones, including Christ Church and Magdalen College, welcome tourists coming from near and far places of the globe, that rightfully make them as part of Oxford exploration. Christ Church, found on St. Aldate’s Street,  is no doubt the city’s grandest college which becomes even more popular courtesy of Alice in Wonderland and Harry Potter.

The majority of the grand universities take pride in their perfectly-landscaped gardens, and these lush grounds are open to anyone who wishes to slow things down and relax for a while. Two of the must-see gardens are the University of Oxford Botanical Garden and the wide expanse of parks in Oxford University perched along the Cherwell River extending from Marston to the City Center.

People who are interested in seeing Oxford have the option of entering through the London airport or the Birmingham airport. For those on a chartered or private flight, the entry point is Oxford’s airport found in Kidlington. Being a tourist-friendly destination, there are hotels and accommodations of varied prices, making sure that there is one that fits the budget. There are also options for public transport, such as taxis, rented cars, and buses, just in case touring the premises of Oxford through walking is not preferred.