Halifax, Canada

Halifax is the city capital of the Canadian province of Nova Scotia. Though still regarded as a small city for North American standards, Halifax is not short when it comes to interesting features to see and discover. The rural communities are pleasant and welcoming, the culture is colorful and rich, and the entire city can be easily navigated. With its bundle of attractions ranging from natural scenery to historical districts, Halifax is the place for families, lovers, and single travelers.

Halifax offers a wide variety of activities for all ages, one of which is outdoor exploration.  Being a city wrapped by pristine seacoasts, water-fun activities are truly in-demand here. The Halifax Waterfront is busy with its boat tours of various kinds, where whale and dolphin watching, deep-sea fishing, and dinner cruises are some of the highlights. Some of the most stunning beaches of the country are found in Halifax and the perfect weather makes it possible to bask in the fine sands and crystal-clear water at any given time. When winter arrives, skiing, snowboarding, and sleigh riding become favorite activities. Whether sunny or snowy, there’s no stopping thrill-seekers and outdoorsy people to enjoy the scenic trails and rocky shorelines of the city capital.

Attractions not to be missed include The Halifax Citadel which is regarded as a Canadian National Heritage Site and is home to museums and important events including the ceremonial cannon firing that happens daily at noontime. For art lovers, there is the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia that puts to the spotlight the works of Maud Lewis, Mik’maq, Alex Colville, and other famed Canadian artists. Ancient architecture is evident courtesy of the well-preserved structures of St. Matthew’s Church, Canada’s oldest United Church; and Province House, a Georgian-styled provincial legislature building.

The region is packed with family-oriented destinations and upbeat activities that can be participated by all ages. It is worth seeing Maritime Museum of the Atlantic, and for kids’ ultimate fun, there is The Wave by the Waterfront filled with slides, swings and other playground amenities the little ones will enjoy. Grown-ups, especially shopping enthusiasts, will find delight in The Halifax Seaport Farmer’s Market and the Halifax Shopping Center, the largest mall in the city. Streets and commercial centers such as Barrington Street, Quinpool Road, and Spring Garden Road have local shops and quaint stores as well. Halifax may not have a dish it calls its own, but seafood dishes must not be missed when in this region. Restaurants specializing in mussel, scallops and lobsters are concentrated in coastal towns, but seafood pie, fish and chips and seafood chowder are practically found in every turn.

Tourists enter Halifax through the modern-looking Halifax Robert L. Stanfield International Airport that is famous for being the maritime province’s largest airport. Express bus service, taxis, rent-a-car, or private shuttles are the means to get to the city which takes less than an hour. When getting around the core of the city, Halifax’s efficient transport system will suffice. However, for exploring the attractions outside the city, renting a car is the best option.