Anchorage, USA

Anchorage, the largest city in Alaska, is nestled in the Alaskan wilderness, and the picturesque natural scenery that envelopes it is enough of a reason why this unique city is a world-acclaimed destination. Apart from its network of attractions, Anchorage owns an interesting culture, colorful tradition and fascinating history that leads to a more exciting and thrilling getaway.

Wilderness viewing is one of the top reasons why nature-lovers consider this part of Alaska their paradise. Here is where moose, black and brown bears, and Dall sheep are found, as well as lots of migratory birds. The best way to appreciate Anchorage’s stunning environment is through biking or walking, and this is where the Tony Knowles Coastal Trail enters the picture. As the most popular trail in Anchorage, Tony Knowles Coastal Trail is home to scented forests, rare animal species, and the region’s flora and fauna. The trail is also the gateway to Mt. McKinley, the highest peak in North America. Anchorage owns about 190 parks covering a size of almost 10,000 acres connected by 400 miles of trails, making this city the best venue for the great outdoors. Not to mention that the city is dotted by rugged mountain ranges and about 60 icy glaciers. All these combined make a perfect equation for a fun-filled and adventure-packed holiday.

The winter season is one of the busiest seasons here, and tourists all over the globe flock to Anchorage to partake in the city’s full range of winter activities. Alyeska Resort, Alaska’s biggest alpine ski resort, is in-demand due to its challenging terrains suitable for intermediate and expert skiers. For beginners, the Hilltop Ski Area and the Hillberg Ski Area are ideal. For an extensive winter experience, joining a tour is a good option. The guided winter tour usually includes dog sled ride, snowshoe walk, and glacier trek to name a few.

When exploring nature’s wonders are done, it is time to discover what the other side of Anchorage is like. Its city life is continuously developing, thanks to the shopping centers and restaurants that sprawl in the lively streets of this region. The Downtown, sitting next to the waterfront, plays host to most of the establishments that are appealing to tourists: hotels, gift stores, cafes, souvenir shops, art galleries, museums, and so much more. If the Downtown gets too crowded, there’s the Midtown which is also an urban district with the same upbeat vibe. Meanwhile, the nightlife in Anchorage is a happening that should not be missed. There are a variety of ways on how to enjoy the night—from feasting on a sumptuous local dish in a fine restaurant to trying out delectable sweets in quaint pastry shops, from dancing in night clubs to beer-drinking in street bars.

Anchorage is a city that owns distinct appeal, something that makes the holiday truly amazing. From nature trips to city discovery, from dining out tonight parties, there is something that covers a myriad of interests. With so much to see, do and experience, the trip to Anchorage is one of a kind.