Valencia, Spain

Valencia, the capital city of the province Old Valencia, is worth seeing when traveling in Spain. In terms of beauty, Valencia ranks high. This place is not only the birthplace of the world-famous dish paella, but Valencia also hosts the famous Fallas Festival. If you are going to Spain and planning to see an off-the-beaten-track destination, Valencia is a winner.

Valencia visitors enter its premises via the busy Valencia Airport, just 9km from the city center. Tourists coming from nearby locations have the option to enter through a train, bus, or boat. Getting around Valencia is pretty easy as the touristic spots are strategically situated close to each other.

Valencia Cathedral tops the list of Valencia attractions and the imposing structure is the heart and soul of El Carmen, the old town. From exterior to interior, Valencia Cathedral’s intricate design and detailed style is stunning. The Barri del Carme, a charming neighborhood in the old town, is the best place for a nostalgic stroll and relaxing walk as it is where traditional cafes and old-styled restaurants are found.

The City of Arts and Sciences takes pride in its state-of-the-art establishments, centers, and structures. Europe’s largest aquarium is found here, a destination that is not to be missed. Valencia Aquarium offers a multitude of activities and interesting subjects, not to mention that it has a rich collection of sea creatures such as dolphins and penguins.  Next to the aquarium, Valencia Science Museum is another gem worth seeing. This place entertains visitors of all ages and encourages involvement and interaction in almost all of its exhibits.

Nature has blessed this part of Spain with picturesque landscapes, various plants and animal species, and serene and pleasant beaches. There are about eight majestic beaches that stretch along the shores of Valencia, and visitors get to indulge in its golden sands and calm waters. El Cabanyal is well-known among all the beaches in Valencia, as it is the one that is relatively easy to reach. El Cabanyal has all the amenities needed for various beach activities not to mention that it has restaurants and bars within the premises. Valencia Bioparc, on the other hand, is a hit to kids, as it is here where they can get close to various animal species such as giraffes, lions, gorillas, leopards, and other zoo animals.

Shopping aficionados find their piece of heaven in Valencia. The shopping district is loaded with department stores, boutiques, shops, and local souvenir stores all geared up to render retail satisfaction. The streets are lined-up with interesting restaurants as well, where one gets to enjoy authentic paella, traditional cuisine, international dishes and comfort foods. From churches to galleries, museums to science centers, beaches, and shopping districts, everything a tourist looks for in an unforgettable getaway is present in Valencia. For a wonderful escape, Valencia is the best place to achieve a laid-back and relaxing holiday.