Because of its geographic features, diverse cultural influences, and fascinating natural landscapes, Bolivia is known as a famous destination in South America. It is considered one of the most remote places in the western hemisphere, which turned out to be an advantage as most of the country’s dramatic assets remained untouched despite the passing of times.

Two major airports located in La Paz and Santa Cruz serve as visitor’s entry point to the many adventures and attractions in Bolivia. Meanwhile, tourists coming from nearby territories make use of cars, boats, buses, and sometimes, train. Depending on what attractions are listed in the itinerary, tourists get around by air or by land through trains, buses, taxis or cars. Take note that most of the important destinations in Bolivia are places that have to do with culture and nature. And because there is so much to see and explore, careful planning of schedule must be done.

Bolivia is identified as a host to some of the world’s most diverse parks and wildlife, and that is why nature parks and reserves occupy the top spot of must-see attractions. Madidi National Park, Parque Nacional Noel Kempff Mercado, and Parque Nacional Torotoro are relatively remote areas, but with natural scenery existing only in this part of the Earth, going to these places is a major part of the Bolivia tour.

Lake Titicaca is not only one of the country’s biggest lakes, but it is also named as the highest lake on the planet. Displaying enchanting beauty, this lake is regarded as one of the mystical and sacred places in South America. Meanwhile, El Pantanal, identified to have an abundance of aquatic plants, is the planet’s largest wetland. Boat tours make traveling to these awe-inspiring bodies of water possible and with ease.

The world’s biggest salt lake, Salar de Uyuni, is one of the gems of Bolivia. This place grants exclusive pass to geysers, volcanoes, hot springs, red and green lakes, humongous cacti, flocks of pink flamingo, and sets of vicuna. The town of Tupiza is interesting because it is carved from a colorful valley. Tupiza, named as La Joya Bella de Bolivia, which has a literal meaning of “the beautiful jewel of Bolivia’’ must be part of the itinerary when heading to this country.

For those seeking relaxing and laid-back vacation, something that allows getting close to nature and pleasant scenery, Bolivia is highly recommended. Because it is not enough to discover Bolivia in just a single day, there are accommodations in every turn, ranging from high-class hotels to affordable yet decent ones.  For visitors’ convenience, most of the hotels and restaurants are concentrated in tourist destinations and commercial districts, such as La Paz and Santa Cruz.