Bogota, Colombia

Bogota is fast becoming Latin America’s world-class tourist spot. Due to its urban highlights, many people flock to Bogota to take part in its unlimited opportunities. What is impressive about Bogota is that, despite its quick approach to modernity, it carefully retains its picturesque natural scenery which makes this side of Colombia more inviting. If you are planning a trip that will result in an extraordinary experience, heading to Bogota is an excellent choice.

The visit to Bogota usually begins in La Candelaria, the district that witnessed many significant events in the history of Colombia and South America. Beaming with history, Colombia’s oldest district is packed with interesting museums and ancient churches including La Catedral, Palacio de Nariño, Plaza de Bolivar, Iglesia del Carmen, Biblioteca Luis A Arango and the Colonial Art Museum. Major cultural centers such as The Colombian-American and Colombian-French cultural centers are situated in La Candelaria as well.

The mountain that dominates the skyline of Bogota is Monserrate. Brace yourself as you witness the panoramic views of the city through the mountain’s funicular or transfer ride. Meanwhile, in El Centro Internacional, there sits Bogota’s tallest building and one of South America’s highest buildings—the Torre Colpatria. This 50-story building in the downtown has a viewing deck on the 47th floor which can also grant you the best views of the city. Whether it is day or night, the sight of the stunning landscape and cityscape of Bogota is such an awesome experience you surely will enjoy.

Catedral de Sal in Zipaquirá is another interesting attraction you should not dare miss when exploring Bogota. It is an underground Roman Catholic Church carved in the interior of Zipaquirá’s salt mines. Also called The Salt Cathedral, the church played a huge role in the city’s history that now serves as one of Bogota’s premier tourist attractions.

The city of Bogota may have a compact size, but it is never short of features, treasures and attractions to di, cover. You may join the walking or cycling tours to have a full grasp of what the place offers. Because of the city’s string of attractions, a single day tour may not be enough. Note that most of the affordable yet decent accommodations like Abadia Colonial and Casa Bellavista are situated in La Candelaria.m If you prefer the upscale and high-end hotels such as Richmond Suites Hotel, most of them are found in the northern districts. Bogota is Colombia’s gem, and with several districts, sights, nightlife, restaurants, and shopping hubs to explore, you will have a great time in this vibrant city.