Sveti Stefan, Budva

For the longest time, Sveti Stefan has been identified as a fishing village. But its beauty cannot be denied, and its charm naturally surfaced which easily captivated the world. Due to its atypical features and unique attributes, Sveti Stefan is now hailed as one of the most prestigious destinations along the Adriatic Coast.

The whole region of Sveti Stefan is booming.  The transformation from a sleepy town to a hotel town some 50 years ago made its tourism the major contributor to its economy. Because Sveti Stefan reflects what a reputable resort is like, many tourists all over the globe start traveling to this stunning town of Montenegro. Despite the progress in tourism, the town’s laid-back setting comprised of small churches, winding narrow streets, quaint shops, and historic structures remain intact up to this day, completing the list of reasons why the compact town of Sveti Stefan is a sought-after destination in the Mediterranean.

The town of Sveti Stefan is always associated with the popular island being connected to the mainland through a narrow pathway. Named as the Adriatic playground of the rich and famous for twenty years between the 1960s and 1980s, a big portion of Sveti Stefan town is facilitated by the international group of Aman Resorts. With the resort’s 50 rooms and numerous suites and cottages, the prestigious resort is the highlight of this region.

Enjoying a 2-kilometer coastline in the heart of the Montenegro Adriatic coastline, the town is the proud home of three pink sandy beaches: Sveti Stefan Beach, Queen’s Beach and Miločer Beach. These beaches are open to the public, as they are not part of the Aman Resort’s exclusivity. When in Sveti Stefan, to be in its nearby destinations is part of the trip. For instance, the visit to the Budva Riviera permits the tourists to have a sight of some of Montenegro’s prettiest old fishing villages including Przno and Rezevici.

Despite being a compact and small-sized town, it is necessary to sleep and stay in Sveti Stefan to fully appreciate its beauty and to completely feel its small-town setting. There is no need to worry when it comes to finding a place to stay, as the town of Stevi Stefan is boasting with wonderful accommodations ranging from apartment and villas of varied budgets and services. With access to the pleasant views of the popular hotel island, staying in one of its hotels is part of the Sveti Stefan experience.  Not to mention that the dining scene in this town is worth the commendation as well. Restaurant Pizzeria Fameja Kentera and Restaurant Bonaca are only two of the restaurants to be enjoyed in Sveti Stefan.