Malta – Tips for your holiday

The small yet attractive country of Malta is nestled in the Mediterranean Sea along the south part of the island of Sicily, Italy. This country is proud of its diverse and mixed architectural styles courtesy of varied cultures and traditions that influenced it. Apart from pre-historic temples, Malta is known for its secret coves, fossil-filled cliffs, and thrilling water activities. With so many attractions to explore and activities to do, Malta has become one of the sought-after places in the Southern European Island.

Malta has a rich and remarkable history, making its cultural attractions one of the best in the world.  The country plays an important role in preserving some of the world’s most ancient buildings which attract millions of visitors each year. Hal Saflieni Hypogeum is one of Malta’s most important attractions, a 5000-year-old underground churchyard stunningly carved from living rock. Valletta and the seven Megalithic Temples also have significance in history and no tourists miss-out on these attractions as well. Even in modern times, Malta’s embattled feel is dominant, and that could be because of the walled cities, fortresses, underground tunnels and fortifications that best describe how the country was during the war. The nostalgic feel becomes more evident through horse-drawn carriages in some quiet villages.

In Malta, the view of the Mediterranean Sea is truly beyond compare.  The beauty of the blue sea is seen at every point in the northern part of the country. The beaches here are inviting, and all sorts of water activities are welcome in this country. Mellieha Bay, Ghajn Tuffieha and Golden Bay are only some of the popular beach resorts in Malta. Apart from swimming and beach-lounging, diving is a popular activity here. Malta is an amazing place for a holiday. With the water’s high visibility together with an impeccable weather, it is possible to enjoy Malta’s gorgeous beaches all year round.

The events Malta hosts are also one of the biggest reasons why tourists go to this side of Europe. The events that center on Catholicism are an absolute crowd-generating occasion, where religious services and innumerable food kiosks go hand in hand. The Carnival is another much-awaited event, a five-century old lively cultural festival involving pageants, motorcades, floats, and street parties. Since most of the people in Malta are Catholic, interesting religious events also become one of the country’s major attractions.

Despite the island’s compact size, touring all its inviting features is not enough to be carried out in a single day. For tourists who wish to sleep in this country, there are 5-star luxurious hotels like The Xara Palace Relais and Chateaux and bed and breakfast such as Maria Giovanna Guest House to serve as the home for the Malta escapade. Whether it is for a budgeted stay or an extravagant experience, there is a hotel that fits everyone’s taste, lifestyle and preference. The people of Malta are reserved yet welcoming, and their being helpful is one of the reasons why it is easy to discover and explore the country. World-famous attractions, interesting and authentic Maltese cuisine and lots and lots of beach activities—all these and more is what touring Malta is all about.