Gallipoli, Turkey

Gallipoli, also known for its Turkish name Gelibolu, is a peninsula located in the northwestern part of Turkey near Istanbul. Gallipoli is also an extensive battlefield during World War I and the Battle of the Dardanelles. It serves as a commemorative site for the British, French, and Turkish soldiers and casualties who participated, fought, and died during these wars. The Battle of the Dardanelles served as the defining moment in Turkey’s history, where it gained its freedom and nationality. Gallipoli is a place that offers amazing tourist attractions. People who want to visit Gallipoli can either take the route from Istanbul via car, coach tour, or tour bus going to the Gallipoli battlefields or via ferry from Canakkale to Kilitabahir or Eceabat, which are both near the battlefields. Taking the route from Istanbul via rented car will give you a better look at the battlefields.

Gallipoli is considered as one of the most sacred sites in Turkey. A lot of monuments such as the Monument of Martyrs are made to honor the people who died during the war. There are also three main battlefield areas in the Gallipoli peninsula: the Cape Helles, Anzac Cove, and SuvlaBay. The Cape Helles and Anzac Cove are accessible by any type of transportations due to its excellent road network. All battlefields showcase different battlefield sites and cemeteries. Memorial sites such as the Cannakale Martyr Memorial near Cape Helles, the Lone Pine Australian Memorial, the New Zealand Monument, the British Memorial at Cape Helles, and the Chunuk Bair are few of the famous and important tourist spots in Gallipoli.

Other than the battlefields, the Gelibolu Milli Park has excellent historical displays. Tourists may also visit the old fortress of Kilitbahir. From Canakkale, you may see the ruins of the Ancient Troy, complete with the popular wooden horse, is open for public viewing. Since there are a lot of tourists visiting Gallipoli annually, the government ensures the safety of the tourists in the peninsula, especially during the ANZAC Day which is celebrated every 25th of April. They ensure that there is no danger for the visitors and the Gallipoli peninsula is indeed a very safe, historical but enjoyable destination with its friendly and hospitable locals.

This place also highlights interesting dining options, so tourists never have to worry when there is a need to satisfy hunger. Alcitepe just near Cape Helles also celebrates its dining scene. Meanwhile, Çanakkale is known to have the best line-up of hotels and accommodation for tourists who will be exploring Gallipoli for several days.