Fraser Island, Australia

Fraser Island, the largest sand island in the world, perched on the lovely Queensland Coast about 161 miles northeast of Brisbane. It belongs to the prestigious World Heritage Site and is home to the world’s most stunning beaches. This island has been blessed by nature for so many ways, easily becoming it a 640 square mile paradise on earth.

This world-renowned tourist destination has the second largest collection of freshwater lakes. The island beams with pride, as it owns rain forests with 1,000-year-old trees sprouting from the sand, about 250 species of birds and 25 species of mammals, including the very rare ones, freely roaming the island. Most importantly, Fraser Island takes pride in its 75-mile pristine beaches found along the island’s east coast side. Due to the abundance of water, all sorts of water sports and activities are welcome in Fraser Island, including snorkeling, fishing, swimming, boating, kayaking, and more.

Almost 100 freshwater lakes encircle Fraser Island, including Lake MacKenzie, the gem of Fraser Island. Being a famous destination due to its white sands and crystal-blue waters, Lake MacKenzie tends to get crowded during the middle of the day. Lake Wabby, the island’s deepest lake and Lake Boemingen, arguably the largest perched lake in the world, are popular destinations as well. One of the exciting activities carried-out in Fraser Island is wildlife watching. Beach and Indian Head tours permit visitors to witness the carefree side of dugong, turtles, dolphins, and sharks as they play in the clear waters of Fraser Island. Between August and October, the sight of migrating humpback whales is an awesome experience.

Hiring a 4-wheel drive and leisurely explore Fraser Island must be a part of the itinerary, as no place in Australia can be uncovered with so much pleasure. Another not-to-miss experience when in Fraser Island is to camp in one of its astounding beaches or its inland campgrounds. These experiences can only be carried out in this enchanting island, the reason why it has become a favorite go-to place of nature-lovers and adventure-seekers.

There are so many destinations to enjoy in Fraser Island, that a visit to this region cannot be ended in just one day. From campsites to luxury hotels, the accommodations in Fraser Island suits varied interests, budgets, and preferences. With a good number of hotels and lodging to choose from, finding a home for the island getaway is never a problem. Fraser Island is the perfect reflection of what unspoiled natural wonder is all about. Sands, waters, wildlife, and everything else in between—these and more await every nature-lover planning a trip in this gorgeous side of Australia. With all the elements that lead to an unforgettable trip, Fraser Island is the place for an unforgettable getaway.