Antarctica – Facts about the amazing Antarctica

Antarctica is a continent found in the southernmost part of the Earth. Twice the size of Australia, Antarctica is the fifth-largest continent when it comes to land area. It has the most interesting combination of features, including being the coolest, driest, and windiest in all the places on the planet. It has the world’s most magnificent wilderness alongside majestic mountains, icebergs, glaciers, and rich wildlife. With Antarctica’s captivating beauty, it is no doubt an incredible travel destination.  Travelers all over the globe flock to Antarctica to experience how it is like to be in this icy continent. Being scarcely inhabited by people, the wonders of nature remain to be untouched in Antarctica. The trip to this destination adds an element to the thrilling getaway, as one must be brave to face the rough sea crossings. After the challenging ride via an ice-strengthened vessel, visitors are rewarded with breathtaking sights only found in Antarctica.

Antarctica can be quite confusing which makes the place more intriguing. For one, it is an icy continent but in fact, it is a desert. It is only the place on Earth where there is no relevant plant life and no native mammals, amphibians, and reptiles. For tourists who know Antarctica well, they regard austral summer season, which is from November to March, to be the best time to explore the place.

It is no secret that the remoteness of Antarctica makes the trip challenging and expensive, but there is no arguing that discerning travelers look forward to seeing and experiencing the magnificence of this destination. The number of tourists is rapidly growing over the years. For a hassle-free and organized trip, tourists enter and get around Antarctica through the assistance of accredited tour agencies and travel guides.

Sea cruises, scenic flights, and yacht expeditions are some of the ways on how to access the picturesque scenery of Antarctica. Land activities have become popular in recent years, and these include camping, snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, and hiking. The South Shetland Islands is another set of attractions found in the Antarctic Peninsula where hot springs and penguins are only two of its best features.

Antarctica’s Anver Island, also called Anvord Bay, is where most of the touristic sights are found.  And of course, the tour to the South Pole completes the Antarctica trip.  Antarctica is a place where unlimited horizons and boundless natural beauty exist. Here, you will feel how it is to be in the world of snow, an experience that is not achieved anywhere else in the world. Truly, to visit Antarctica means to travel beyond the ordinary.