Leeds, United Kingdom

Found on the north side of England is Leeds City, known to be one of the country’s most vibrant cities. This is the largest city of West Yorkshire where upbeat activities such as sports, shopping, and nightlife have no ending. Despite exuding a dynamic character, Leeds firmly holds on to its rich culture and heritage as evidenced by the well-preserved Georgian and Victorian architecture. The contrasting characters make Leeds a unique and outstanding place which makes it more interesting to explore, see, and experience.

Leeds-Bradford International Airport, 10 miles from the heart of the city, welcomes tourists accessing the city by air. Being a compact city, and with city attractions that have fair distances from each other, getting around by foot is the best way to appreciate Leeds’ beauty. When touring the outskirts, there are buses, trains, and boats ready to accommodate visitors. Take note, however, that taxis are not that cheap. If there is a budget to spare, it is ideal to hire a private car when touring Leeds and its neighboring cities.

The buzzing City Square must be the core of the Leeds trip, where the blending of ancient architecture and modern iconic buildings creates pleasant scenery.  There are notable museums worthy to be seen as they provide relevant information and cultural displays. Included in the array of must-see museums are Thackray Medical Museum, 18th-century Bronte Parsonage Museum, Ilkley Manor House and Museum, Leeds Art Gallery, and the Eureka Museum for Children. For lovers of old-fashioned architecture, having a glimpse of St Anne’s Cathedral, St John’s Church, and Oxford Place Chapel is no doubt a pleasure.

Being an affluent city, its shopping and dining scenes have progressed tremendously over the years. What used to be a sleepy town of textile manufacturing becomes one of the country’s most-visited places. And contrast to what it used to be, the bright lights, bustling buildings, and invigorating noise makes the city of Leeds inviting to tourists. The stretch of Briggate is heavily occupied with shopping malls and stand-alone boutiques in the likes of Debenhams and Harvey Nichols. From the high-street fashion of Zara, Topshop, and H&M to luxurious designs of Louis Vuitton, the central shopping district has it all.

Leeds may be loaded with urban-like attractions, but it is never short when it comes to lush vast spaces. Serving as an oasis in the city, parks such as Roundhay Park, The Hollies Arboretum, Kirkstall Abbey Park, and Temple Newsam are used for relaxation, sight-seeing, and winding down moments. And when it is time to delight the senses, the great line-up of restaurants and cafes are ready to please everyone. From western to oriental dishes, from local cuisine to fast-food favorites, there is a restaurant that suits the palette of every discerning foodie. When visiting England, do not miss out on the lovely city of Leeds. With so much to see, do and experience, its assemblage of attractions brings out a wonderful experience that can easily highlight the England trip. From shopping to dining, architecture to greenery, wonderful moments are bound to happen.