Hamburg, Germany

Germany’s gateway to the world—that is what Hamburg is better known for, and it gained its title for all the valid reasons. It is in Hamburg where the country’s largest port is found making it the second busiest port of the country. It is one of the many important harbors in Europe and is one of the most significant media hubs of Germany. Adding to its relevance is its network of attractions, making Hamburg the best place to visit.

For people visiting from far away, traveling by air is the best option. Hamburg has the fifth-largest international airport in the country, so getting -in via plane is never a hassle. For tourists from nearby locations, traveling through train, bus, car, and boat are the available options. This city has a very efficient road and transport system, so getting around and exploring all corners of Hamburg is pretty much easy. For tourist spots close to each other, exploring by walking or by biking is a very good choice.

Hamburg is a sizeable city, but touring all its interesting spots is easy as everything seems to be confined within close ranges. The bulk of its attractions sit between Alster Lakes of the north to the Elbe River of the south. There are many small beaches found on the north side of the Elbe River and all sorts of water-related activities can be carried out in the area. The inner and outer Alster Lakes have the most stunning vistas where the opportunity for enjoying the waterfront is unlimited. Because Hamburg has majestic bodies of water, boating becomes the most-favorite way of exploring its extensive waterways.

The City Center, on the other hand, has the most number of commercial establishments such as shops and restaurants alongside galleries and museums that are all worth seeing. For a different kind of adventure, explore Sankt Pauli, a famous landmark in Hamburg known for being one of the famous red-light districts in the world.

An assortment of attractions that interests the adults can all be found within the bounds of Sankt Pauli, but despite its reputation, it is very safe to visit this place. Take note that Hamburg’s oldest street market, the Fish Market, continues to draw huge crowd up to this day, and no tourists leave Hamburg without heading there. The latest must-see when it comes to shopping is the Europa Passage. meanwhile, the west of town hall towards Gaensemarkt has the line-up of the most-pricey shops comprising of luxurious and world-class brands.

If you are planning a trip to Germany, highly consider spending the holiday in Hamburg. It has world-renowned attractions worthy of the trip, not to mention that its people are welcoming, its surroundings are stunning, the local cuisine is worth tasting and its accommodations are tourist-friendly. All the features tourists ask for are housed in Hamburg, making the visit worth it.