Milford Sound, South Island, New Zealand

If you are given the chance to travel to New Zealand’s South Island, choose the majestic Milford Sound. Recently recognized as the region’s most enchanting place, this destination is a must when going to New Zealand. Milford Sound is a fiord etched by glaciers over a thousand years ago. The natural occurrence resulted in enchanting mountainous cliffs that fall awesomely from thousands of feet down the ocean floor. Embracing Milford Sound are pristine waterfalls, lush rainforests, and the rest of scenic natural wonders. The dramatic beauty of Milford Sound is unparalleled and there is no place in the world that is quite like it.

Lovers of nature agree that the best way to experience Milford Sound is through a boat cruise. Boating will allow you to see the majestic waterfalls up-close and let its cool mist touch your skin. Often, the cruise tour also includes Underwater Observatory visit which permits tourists to have a close view of the colorful and rich marine life. With rainforests embracing the jagged cliffs, while seals, penguins, and dolphins display their playful side in the clear waters, cruising around Milford sound is no doubt a great time for you to be near its unique geography and have a sight of its awe-inspiring wildlife.

Just like all other fiords, Milford Sound is blessed with a lot of rain. There is an argument among travelers on when is the best time to see Milford Sound. While some of them agree that the waterfalls are in their glorious beauty on a rainy day, some say that the allure of the Falls is in its full swing on a bright, sunny day. When you visit the region, you will discover the captivating natural sights of Milford Sound remains unchanged whatever the season is, may it be a rainy afternoon or warm, lovely day.

Because Milford Sound is such an incredible work of nature, you won’t want to leave its magnificent surroundings right away. If you plan to stay for a few days in Milford Sound, there are specialty lodgings within its premises in the likes of Mitre Peak Lodge and Milford Sound Lodge. Note also that Blue Duck Cafe & Bar is the only dining place that will please your hunger, but if you are part of a guided tour, their tour packages usually include dining in one of Milford Sound’s attractive spots.

There are various ways you can enter this world-renowned destination. Either you enter Milford Sound by plane, road, or foot, heading to this side of New Zealand gives an exciting experience not found achieved anywhere else. Because Milford Sound has a laid-back atmosphere, you can drive along the fiord in your own pace and time, or you can contact one of the many tour agencies that offer guided tours in and around Milford Sound.